Bluebonnet Run

Today I ran 12 miles. I warmed-up for two miles and then I took off, hoping to average 8:45/mi for 9 miles. Running faster takes some concentration for me. My pace was okay until I ran up a hill and forgot to speed up to make up for my slow time. I did better in the next mile, though. That was a relief! Once I start slowing down I worry that I won't be able to speed up, that I've hit the end of the speed for the day.

This was a hard workout. In the last mile, I checked my Garmin at the 11.85 mile mark and then again at the 11.92 mile mark. Are we there yet?! My clothes were soaked, dripping with sweat, when I finished. I don't usually ice bath after 12 milers, but today I did and it didn't feel too bad - I was so hot. (66 degrees when I started running and it probably reached the low 70's, but it must have been humid.)

I made it home and I checked my Garmin, wondering what my average was for those middle 9 miles. Somehow I managed to average an 8:45/mile. Happiness! One more week of hard running for me and then it will be time for a two week taper! Here's an article I read that mentions a short taper.

I took a picture of some bluebonnets (Texas' state flower) along my running route. Here I am in the middle of this huge city and there are masses of bluebonnets all over the place! I hope you can find patches of beauty where you live, too. Happy Easter!


  1. Way to OWN those 12 miles of hills! Payin' the man, my coach always says.
    Love the bluebonnets. You know it's Texas in Spring when the bluebonnets start to bloom!

  2. Beautiful flowers! You nailed the pace you wanted. Great job!

  3. that's right, it's bluebonnet time!!! GORGEOUS picture. your running time kicks! way to go. i bet that ice bath felt great. just a few more weeks!!!

    happy easter tina!

  4. I'm excited for your taper too! Nice pace, you are SO ready for Big Sur! You asked me what's next and I'm not sure. I did get in to NY Marathon but I think I'll do the ultra with BS in September too. What about you? What's next?

  5. Hi Tina,
    Nice job on your twelve miler!! I really have a hard time running when it is humid! It is so much more difficult and challenging! Way to tackle that hill! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Maybe I'll do the Denver marathon in October next. Looks like my husband and I will be there just in time for it!

  7. Congrats on hitting your 8:45 ave!! We read the legend of bluebonnet to the kids every year. They are so pretty!

  8. Happy Easter, Tina! The blue bonnets are SO beautiful. I can't wait for us to get some color. I just have this feeling you are going to do AWESOME at Big Sur - so excited for you! I don't know how you handle the humidity - when it gets to 50% here, I feel like I am smothering. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Have you decided what pace you're going to try for at Big Sur?

  10. I just don't know. I think I read that you should add 15-20 minutes to your previous marathon time, but I don't know.

  11. Great pace! Big Sur will be here soon! You are going to do such a great job!


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