Let's Run!

 First pink ones I've ever seen. Kind of pretty! Sort of! ; )

Come on! Let's run 11 miles!

First, we'll run over to the water fountain, two miles away, at Memorial Park. Slow down! It's our warm-up and I'm kind of tired. I don't know if I can run four miles at 1/2 MP (8:20/mile) with a short break in the middle after all. And then some hills, too.

We get a drink at the fountain and turn our music on. Beep! It's the 2 mile Garmin beep. We're running fast now. The tired feeling is forgotten. Let's get up to an 8:20/mi pace. Slow down! Oops, not that much! Okay, we're good now. We finish one "faster" mile and our time is good (8:22). We keep going. 

Running fast is hard now. I'm working in song increments: run fast for one whole song. And do it a few more times. What are you doing to make it through each mile? Pace for this mile - 8:08. Time for water.

We walked to the art fair on Saturday.

Time to run now and I'm running song-by-song again. Our pace is fine. We finish the third "faster" mile (8:10) and I'm confused for a second, thinking it's time to stop, but we need to run one more fast mile.

Uh-oh, we're running up a hill and my arms are so sore from the weight work I did two days ago. We pump our arms to get up the hill. We have to maneuver around people on the narrow path. I forget my sore arms. I want to finish this last mile strong. We're almost to the water fountain. Run fast to the water! Finish strong! The pace for that fourth "faster" mile: 8:12. Bingo! : )

We stop for a gel and some water. I'm tired, but you're just getting started! We start running again - just an easy mile. What a relief!

We've run hard today, but now we'll conquer those hills - about two miles of mostly hills. We run hard up and down, over and over. It's hard work, but the time flies and soon we run over to the water fountain.

The two mile run home feels so long. I'm so tired. Oops, make that a 2.25 mile run home. Tomorrow we can run .25 less than planned! Anyway, 11.25 mile run: done!

One last art fair pic: Treebeard from Lord of the Rings.

I noticed something new at Garmin Connect today. There's "average pace", which I've always used, but now there's also "average moving pace". Couldn't find any info about this, though. I didn't change any settings on my Garmin to get this and I don't have it set to stop keeping track of my pace when I stop running. Any ideas? 


  1. Yes, Garmin Connect switched things up on us! Did you notice that the splits, map, etc. page is different? I was so confused at first!
    I think the average moving pace is the time between the auto pauses, like after to stop to cross the street. It might be factoring out those pause times now. I'm going to try mine tonight on our big down hill run and I'll let you know if it happens to mine when I upload.

  2. No, I was in a hurry to get my ave. mile splits and didn't notice any other changes. I'll have to look now.

  3. Hi Tina,
    Sounds like you had a nice run:) I love the pink porta pottys!! I hope that you have a nice Easter:)

  4. Pink Potties, I love it!

  5. Very nice run, girl! I know nothing about Garmin anything...it's on my goal during spring break to learn but so far, I'm not making any progress. Eeks. LOVE the pink port-a-potties. Sweet!!! Happy Easter!!

  6. The same thing happened with me and Garmin; it showed my "moving pace" faster even during intervals when I know I did not stop! Very strange! Congrats on the fast pace! I have been lounging at MP for my pace runs (though it doesn't feel like lounging) and haven't pushed myself to work on HMP. Bad girl! Especially with a couple halfs upcoming! :)

  7. Loved your post today. It reminded me so much of many things I do on my runs. You are running so strong. Great run on Monday and another one today. Great things ahead for you. Very exciting! My run on Monday was not great. Ended up stopping @ 19 and was down to 9:43 pace, but it's all good. No worries here! (april fools) Maybe a couple here and there.

  8. Love the pink...I want some of those! Great run!

  9. Great post and I also like the art fair pics. That looks like it was quite interesting. I'm reading the Hobbit to my class now and I'm very tuned into anything connected.

  10. ah, i felt like you were motivating me! i'm still trying hard but today's run was hard since my shin.really.hurts. ugh.

    pink potties and treebeard. we love to do imitations of treebeard here. LOTR fanatics. next time someone tries to pass you, you can just pull a gandolf on them - you shall not pass. ok, i'm a nerd. :)

  11. I'm glad you guys liked the pink porta-potties, too! Felt a little silly taking the picture, but anything for my blog!

    Kristin, MP mile runs are great! Tough stuff! I think I'll ignore the moving pace and stick to the plain old average pace.

    Ginny, you have no reason to worry!

    ajh, The Hobbit would be such a fun book to read to your class!

    Kate, using Gandolf's words on a run - too funny!

  12. Fun post! I love the porta-potty picture, too. Great job hanging in there!

  13. Tina,

    Yes, I have read you are doing Big Sur and I can't wait for your post race report!I live, eat, sleep, work for my next Central Cali Coast trip. Thanks for your comments on my blog! Have a great weekend.

  14. I'll have to check my schedule when I'm in Houston. I think its July...probably when its nice and hot.

  15. If it works out that we get to meet at Memorial Park for a run when you visit Houston, it will be hot and humid, but at least it's a shady park with water fountains.


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