Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Muir Beach

The storm rolled in quickly onto Muir Beach, north of San Francisco. We had walked down to the beach and over the rocks when it suddenly started raining Texas-sized raindrops so we headed towards the car. As soon as I was off the rocks and onto the sand I ran as fast as I could towards the car.

That was my first run since the Big Sur marathon last Sunday and I think I was laughing the whole way. A fun first beach run for me - even though I was in flip-flops! Maybe it was the excitement of the sudden rain, but my legs felt fine on that short run - no soreness at all.

After the beach trip, we ate at Pelican Inn, a British-style restaurant, where I had shepherd's pie.

Here are our last views of the Pacific ocean from the Muir Beach overlook. It has been a great vacation! Thanks for reading along as we vacationed in beautiful California!


  1. Gorgeous pics!! I love shephard's pie and that one looks delish!

  2. Gosh, I love the coast of Northern California and I remember the Pelican Inn. Yummm! I'm so happy you've enjoyed your trip.

  3. gorgeous pics! glad you had a good time on your vacation, safe travels home!


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