Muir Woods Hike


Tuesday my husband and I went on a 4 hour hike in Muir Woods, just north of San Francisco, hiking part of the Dipsea Trail, where a 7.4 mile trail race takes place in June, and the Fern Creek and Ben Johnson Trails, too.

The hills were very uncomfortable for me to climb at first since I just ran the Big Sur marathon two days ago, but after a while my quads felt better and only the downhills bothered me. As you can see in the photos, I dressed in layers because it was cool and raining most of the time, but not all of the time. (The park gift shop has $3 rain ponchos.)

I'm glad we didn't let the rain keep us from hiking. The huge redwoods, the sound of the creek, the deer down the trail, the moss covered trees, the ferns, the mist, the wildflowers - beautiful!


  1. The park is just beautiful! I'm glad that your quads got better as your hike progressed.

  2. This looks like a great hike. You are amazing so soon after your marathon.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! I want to go there!

  4. Your legs are going to thank you for moving after the marathon. There is nothing worse than inactivity after a big effort.
    I love Muir Woods. We don't go there often enough (we live in South Bay) but still this is one of my most beloved places in CA.
    Nice rainy pictures.

  5. What an amazing hike! I am adding Muir to my "To Do" List!

  6. Oh Tina,
    I love the Muir Woods and plan on doing my own hiking there in July when I run in the Napa to Sonoma Valley Half Marathon! Those pictures are lovely:) I am glad that you had a nice time!

  7. Congrats for the Big Sur Marathon. An amazing hike, it looks like a magic world; wonderful pictures!

  8. WOW! That's gorgeous and practically in my backyard! I really need to make it a point to get out there this summer. It's beautiful!

  9. Amazing photos! Wow all that hiking after all that running? What a champ!

  10. Love these pictures! Glad that you were still able to enjoy the outdoors after the marathon!


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