Running off the Baklava

If you are a Houston runner, you were probably at Memorial Park today! What a crowd! It's great to see so many people running. I ran 5 miles after not eating anything beforehand, something I hardly ever do, but I ate a huge dinner last night and I think that's why I wasn't hungry this morning.

Last night was date night! We went to Yia Yia Mary's Greek restaurant. Eating there makes me want to visit Greece. Too bad I wouldn't know how to say the names of any of the food correctly - I might starve! After eating a gyro, my husband and I shared baklava with honey on top. Since I started the day with a honey energy gel, it really was a honey of a day for me!
Have a great day! Remember to stop and smell the blooming flowers! And then remember to take some allergy medicine right along with me!


  1. I love baklava. I am so glad there are no Greek restaurants nearby. :)

  2. Yeah, there's still some left over in the refrigerator. And I just snacked on an apple. What was I thinking?!

  3. I LOVE date nights! I also love the photo of the baklava- yum! - you need to come up with a gluten-free version! :-) I am SO excited we FINALLY are starting to see a little green sprout. Spring is springing.... Have a great weekend,

  4. mmmmm!!! looks delish! in h.s. when i played lacrosse, we would go by this greek rest. after practice and eat gyros. i used to eat 2. now i can only eat half (to be on the safe side!). what a wonderful date night!

  5. I have eaten soooo much lately. No idea how many miles I would need to run! Sounds like a fun date!

  6. Hi Tina,
    I am a huge fan of Greek food! I got hooked on it when I was a flight attendant. When we would fly into Detroit we would walk into Greek Town and try out different places to eat:) I am glad that you had a nice time on your date!

  7. Don't worry I went to Greece many times and I never starved!

  8. Have you been to Istanbul Grill in Rice Village? They've got great food and also good baklava.

    You're going to the race expo on Friday? We're going on Saturday. Not getting into San Jose until Friday evening.

    Good luck with the race! Maybe we'll see you there in the sea of runners.

  9. We haven't been there. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope to run into you in Big Sur!

  10. Date nights are the best! I love eating desserts and junk. That is why I started running, to eat!


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