Sweet Ten Mile Run!

Today's 10 mile run was fueled by a peanut butter and raisin sandwich for breakfast and a gold Honey Stinger gel that I found at Luke's Locker yesterday. I ate it after running 4 miles. If you like honey, you'll like this gel - tastes just like sweet honey! It's thinner than honey and goes down easily. I had no stomach problems with this new-to-me gel, but I've never had any problems with any gels or chews. I bought some more mint chocolate GU, too, because it tastes like frosting.

More phantom pains - today my other shin hurt! Just a little, though. I iced it later. It was warm (65+ degrees) and humid today. It felt good to put my face and arms in the cold water at the water fountains and then to run with the wind blowing on me, cooling me off. I was covered in a thin film of salt when I got home, though. Hello, Summer!

I was happy that my shin pain didn't stick around and that the heat didn't slow me down today. It was a great run! Today's splits: 9:39, 9:14, 8:56 (started 2 1/2 miles of hills), 8:40, 8:50, 8:43, 8:39, 8:31, 8:33, 9:02 with an 8:53/mi ave pace.

Thank you for all of your helpful travel tips in the comments in my last post! I'm making a list and checking it twice! 


  1. Good to know the Honey Stinger tastes good. I bought a bunch of different "Gu"s and some are a bit strange tasting...

  2. Just like honey! Too bad about your GU's. I've had one GU that had a bit of an off taste, one of the Roctanes, but I've had one Roctane before and didn't notice an off-taste so I don't know. I like these GU flavors: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Gingerbread, Chocolate, Tri-berry, Orange Burst and Mint Chocolate.

  3. Maybe I'll try that gel! I don't usually like them but the honey sounds good.

  4. I have heard good things about the honey gel..I think I'll have to order some to try. I love that film of salt at the end of a long run...makes me feel like it was an extra-good workout. :)

  5. Hi Tina,
    Good job on your run...great splits:) I have had Honey Stinger chews but not the gel yet. I love honey..Mmmmm! Have a fantastic weekend Tima!

  6. I used Stinger gels last year and liked them. Will you use them at Big Sur? They have pretty well stocked aid stations but it does not hurt to have one's favorite energy booster handy.
    BTW, the weather forecast looks good.

  7. I'm taking GU gels to Big Sur. Glad the weather looks good for the race! I need to start keeping track of that!

  8. that's so funny - i was just going to ask if you've looked at the long term forecast near race time. :) i am sure it will be nothing but beautiful. i have a ton of pictures from that drive - from big sure to carmel. it's just going to be the most gorgeous run. if i ever make it there, i bet i'd be the last one to cross the finish line - so distracted by that beauty! ha!

    you are so right - choc. mint GU is like frosting. that's a favorite.

  9. Looks like a great run. I might need to try the honey stuff...yum.

  10. I just reread this post and I can't believe I wrote that 65 was warm. I guess 65 was warm for that time of year or warmer than it had been, but still! Today when I ran, it was 82 with a heat index of 86. That's warm!


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