Thank You!

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments about the Big Sur marathon! : ) I hope to update Twitter during the trip and tweets show up in my blog sidebar. The hills make me nervous, but I hope I don't get there and see that they're not really too bad. I've been complaining about them for months and I hate to be wrong! ; )

Have you read Ryan Hall's Boston marathon recap? It's a good description of how the race played out and a good reminder to run with joy. He wrote, "Everything hurt but I tried to enjoy the moment as best I could despite the pain. Running has taught me how to enjoy even the not so pleasant moments."

Yesterday I didn't run and I felt sluggish. Today I ran 7 miles and tomorrow I'll get one last short run in before the marathon.

And last of all, here's the tiny indigo bunting bird that visited my back yard twice this week - the first one I've ever seen!


  1. Good luck!
    Can't wait to get the race report

  2. Love the photo of the bird. We are anxiously awaiting a visit by some hummingbirds here! It should be any day now - we've got our sugar water waiting for them!

  3. Good Luck - can't wait to hear all about those hills! That little birdie is too cute!

  4. Hey Tina, I can't believe the big day is almost here...I am SOO) excited for you, I can't even stand it. The hills are tough, just know it and accept it and just knock 'em out cuz you're stronger and tougher than they are! You've trained so hard and come a long way and just go at them slow and do that and not fear them. Then YOU will show them who's boss!! The wind is bad, too, so hover around some big, burly guy once you hit the coast and out of the redwood forests. The hills don't come til mile 11 so take it easy at the start so you have plenty in the tank for the last half. You're doing to do so awesome, I just know it....but also don't forget to smile and have a blast the entire way! There is nothing as gorgeous as this race so I hope you just have the time of your life!! Go get 'em girl!!!!! I'm cheering loud for you from Denver!!!!!

  5. Hills are going to be as small and as easy as you imagine them to be.
    You are going to love this experience and you are going to have a time of your life. Me and my crystal ball are never wrong.
    Good luck.

  6. Good luck! Have fun putting all that training to good use. Take some nice pictures too!

  7. GO TINA!! You're so ready for this!!

  8. Have a ton of fun!

  9. Go Tina! You are going to do great!
    I agree with Jill - if it's windy, find a larger person, get behind and catch a draft - let'em tow you over the course. I am sure you are going to have a blast - we will look forward to the full report and photos???!!! When we were out there a few years ago, we stopped at the Fishwife restaurant in Pacific Grove (at the top of 17 Mile Drive). Yum.
    If your legs are up for a quick trail run in the days afterward, head out for a short loop at Point Lobos State Park. Beautiful! Have tons of fun .....

  10. a very exciting weekend coming up. It will be so beautiful! Can't wait for your report.

    Go out slow for sure.
    It will be amazing I'm sure. It's so pretty out there.

    Good Luck!

  11. that's right! RUN with JOY!! safe travels and rest well between now and race day :)

  12. Hi Tina,
    Good luck to you at Big Sur!!! You are going to do great:) Make sure you take lots of pictures! I can't wait to read your race report!

  13. Yes! I read Ryan Hall's race recap and I was so inspired by his goal to "run with joy!" What a great reminder!
    Good luck at Big Sur - have a great race and remember to run with joy!!!

  14. Welcome to California Tina! And have a great race in Beautiful Big Sur! i'll be thinking of you and cheering from here too!
    I love the run with joy, it's a lovely image. I love the indigo bunting too, would i like to see one of them!
    take good care,

  15. safe travels and have fun!

  16. good luck tomorrow! i will be thinking of you as i probably spend most of the day on my foam roller :) you will do awesome!


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