Climbin' Over Trees

We had quite a storm last night so today on the trails we rode through mud,

climbed over trees that fell onto the trails in at least three different spots,

and slid down wet trails.

My husband and I and our new bikes were covered in mud when we finished, but we're all cleaned up now and ready to go again!


  1. You're brave! I'd take one look at that mud and go to a movie! ;)

  2. You are tough! Good for you!

  3. How motivated are you??! It looks like a tough ride and you didn't stop until it was finished! I bow to your dedication! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. My boys would have liked the mud - but I'm not so fond of getting dirty! :)

    Thanks for your encouragement. I do find inspiration from all of you running bloggers who seem to keep going like energizer bunnies! :) Last summer I just chose to take a few months off of running and I walked instead. I just may have to do that again. I always seem to start missing running again after a month or so off. We'll see . . .

  5. A break might be just what you need to love running again!

  6. Hi Tina,
    I love your new layout!

    Your pictures are great and show the true essence of riding the bikes in the mud:) Looks like fun!

  7. Wow - I would so have a broken arm LOL!


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