Garmin, Be Good!

Golden Gate Bridge, CA

Thursday I said "Good-bye" to the Golden Gate Bridge and "Hello" to Houston. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't need my jacket anymore - one nice perk that goes with living somewhere hot.

Saturday I ran 5 miles and today I ran 6 miles. My easy pace is slower than normal, but that's fine. Today's 65-72 degree temperature wasn't bad even though I've spent a week in cooler temps and it felt normal to have sweat dripping into my eyes again!

Houston, TX

Today my Garmin 310 XT popped up a "lap error" screen. I did a soft reset (hit mode and reset), but that didn't help. I got tired of the buzz on my wrist "lap error, lap error" so I turned my Garmin off. I sure am glad this didn't happen a couple of runs back - during the Big Sur marathon.

 I checked online to see if others have had this happen to them - yes, of course. I did a hard reset (while holding mode, power on, select "yes" to erase all user data)... Not fun because then you have to reset every little thing. Then I tested it with a little walk through the house. So far, so good!

Hope you get a chance to throw on some shorts and go for a run this week!


  1. I love SF! I've had so many strange things happen with my Garmin but it always seems to bounce back. Welcome home!

  2. My Garmin froze before my race Sunday but I got it reset. It was off from the mileage of the course though. Maybe something to do with resetting it??

  3. love that sweat too! now i'm adjusting to a non stop sweat until oct. since the humidty is here to stay!

  4. I don't have a Garmin and am strongly considering buying one.

    Not wearing shorts yet here in Seattle, but hopefully soon.

  5. Welcome home, Tina! I hope you feel fresh and renewed after your great trip and race!! btw, thanks tons for the birthday card :). Meant a lot to me!!

  6. I'm having Garmin issues myself, and have just tossed mine to the side. I need to make a better attempt at the hard reset. Coach keeps telling me I need to hurry and get one or fix mine, as my mileage will get aggravating with no Garmin. It already is, as I keep having to only do routes I know the exact distance, but have no idea what pace I'm running. As for a race, I don't generally do a Garmin in a race.

    Welcome back to Houston from the West Coast! :)

  7. Glad you are back home and enjoying your sweaty runs! :-) Hey, how much climbing did you end up with at Big Sur? Just curious...

  8. We think we ascended about 1000 ft. You sure did a great job at your race this weekend!

  9. Oops! I still have that Muir Woods hike on my mind... In the Big Sur marathon, I think we climbed 557 ft!

  10. Love San Fran! It looks like you had an awesome time!

  11. Hope the Garmin is back to normal! Glad you are enjoying your runs. I've been having a great running week too!

  12. I'm not fond of sweaty runs! Glad we are not to "hot, humid" weather here!

    I'd love to see the Golden Gate Bridge someday - or anything in CA for that matter! :)

    Have a great week!

  13. It's been warm in Dallas this week but I have been out there every day. Got to love our Texas heat!


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