Go Further, Faster!

My goal was to run 3-4 marathon paced miles. Come on, 8:47 pace! I'm kind of stuck on trying to get a 3:50 marathon finish someday - 8:47 needed - even though I only need 4:00 to BQ now that I'm aged! ; ) Now don't get mad at me for writing that!

Good distractions today... First, I saw my husband's truck at the top of an uphill as he drove to work. Then there was a police-led bike group that rode through the park on their way to city hall. I chatted with a couple of runners, too.

Extra stops today... My dog ran a little slower so I stopped for extra water and rest and I did not mind. Really! ; ) I even rested on a bench drinking Gatorade which revived me enough to run my fourth MP mile. Don't know if I would have made it through those 4 miles if I hadn't rested!

Here's what I did... Warmed up 2 miles. Ran 4 miles w/ these splits: 8:27, 8:20, 8:32, 8:49, which gives me an 8:32 average. Happiness! : ) Ran 1 slow mile home. Total: 7 hot miles.

Pre-run: bread sticks. Yesterday: pre-run: 1/2 minneola. During both runs: Gatorade.

Photo: Words on the horse's saddle: Go further, faster!

P.S. I'm not 45 yet, but as far as BQ'ing goes, I'm close enough. : )


  1. Good job on the run!

  2. YOu did it! Great run!

  3. Total happiness, yay!!!

  4. Nice job on those 7 hot miles :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Great job on the seven miles!

  6. Tina!!!! I have been majorly MIA in the blog world the past few weeks!
    Great job on your splits - it's all good to be "aged". :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so impressed! And i was encouraged to hear that little break carried you the rest of the way! I am sick with a dreadful cold but tomorrow i run a half-marathon... i think i will be needing little rest breaks along the way, but hopefully that will carry me the distance.

  8. Hey..."aged?" Not sure that's the best word to describe our situation. I know I have an age thing but that word rubs me the wrong way!! JK. You're almost in the new age bracket...and YES, you will and can do a 3:50!!!

  9. Meg, I wrote that I was aged before I read your birthday post. Honest! ; )

  10. you are so cute! no matter what your age is, your timing will ALWAYS inspire and blow me away!! really!!


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