Me vs. Hot Day

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! I won't have time to bake cookies today because of other baking plans, but I'll have to eat a handful of chocolate chips!

My husband and I went on a walk on some of the more secluded Memorial Park trails two days ago. I ran up a couple of hills just for fun - much better than running on a concrete bridge!

I ran 7 miles today (9:08/mi ave pace).The humid 75 degree heat got to me. In the last mile, my legs were heavy (like I'd run 20 miles) and my head ached. Zoe wondered if we were on a run or a walk!

When I got home, my stomach ached, too. A cold drink and a cool shower later and all was well. My weight was on the low side - don't know if that's related to how I felt or just a result of eating less lately.

I drank water every 1-2 miles. I wondered if not eating anything before running was the culprit, but the same thing happened to me back in July when I did eat before my run and drank Gatorade during my run. My not eating before or during runs experiment continues...


  1. what a great holiday!! i'm in! :)

  2. Cheers to chocolate chip day!

  3. I loved seeing all your california pictures. the deer one is so beautiful!
    sounds like the warmth and humidity could have alot to do with how you felt.
    happy baking!

  4. Yes - chocolate chips are a good reason to celebrate!

    Lori ann, we saw so many pretty places. It was hard to pick just a few photos to post on my blog!

  5. Ooo, I had no idea it was Chocolate Chip day, darn. Well, I made up for it in other sugar relates ways :). I think it takes some time to acclimate to the heat after winter so maybe you just need some time. You always have the best pictures!!

  6. I did not know it was chocolate chip day! What a great holiday! I will have to partake too.

  7. Chocolate Chip Day - sounds like my kind of day! :)

  8. how did I miss this national holiday? I think I should go make up for it nwo...then maybe run because I'll probably celebrate too much

  9. My mother has always yelled at me for not eating prior to runs. I never understood that but she has concerns for my blood sugar levels.

    Sounds like it was a good run.

  10. Great to know that you for fun run a couple of hills!!! You are a myth!
    Chocolate day sounds interesting.

  11. Great photo!

    Ya know, last wednesday night i ran about 5 miles and i was really feeling nauscious and then the feeling eventually left after i finished, but i think it might have been the heat, too. (and i totally get that "heavy legs" feeling a times and don't like it...)

  12. i never knew there was a choc. chip holiday! what a bummer!! but i guess it's a blessing in disguise since it would have started off with choc. chip pancakes and gone nothing but downhill from there!

    that run sounds tough. i have found over the past few years (when i used to run daily before breakfast on an empty stomach) that i just can't handle it as well. i don't like that. :(

  13. Yay for chocolate chip day!

    I have a hard time running on an empty stomach.


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