Road Pics

My husband and I hiked in Muir Woods (California) about two weeks ago and reluctantly took a detour. We got off the Dipsea Trail because of a bridge that was out and took the fire road instead. That was where we saw this deer - a good detour!

Candy Land Car in Local Parade

My husband has a new blog. I like the picture where it looks like we're at a haunted restaurant where ghosts wear sombreros and I like his photo description!

And my last road pic... Here's how it looked on the way to church last night - worse than usual because of an accident. It made me long for the Muir Woods trails.

I ran ten miles today (9:29/mi ave pace). 73 degrees and humid - kind of warm, but the wind helped. No food before or during the run, just water - something new for me. I didn't feel any different than usual - a good thing. Ten isn't too far without fuel, though. I'll keep you posted on how the experiment goes.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


  1. What a cool looking trail! The mist and deer make it look really mysterious.

  2. That trail looks heavenly - wow!
    I love your Bixby Bridge picture on the side, look so happy :).

  3. i love the candy land car! lol! that's great!

  4. Deer in Bay Area are pests. There, I said it. We have deer everywhere, in state parks, in neighborhoods munching on young trees, running in front of cars, there are everywhere! Still, anytime I see one, I go 'Wow, look at that! A deer!'. Then I search frantically for my camera. They are awfully cute.

  5. We had occasional deer at our previous house outside of Houston - not enough that they were troublemakers, though - just enough that it was exciting to see one, esp. when I was surprised by one on an early morning run!

  6. That first picture is amazing! Love it!

  7. Yes, do keep us posted on fueling or not for runs. I am not good at fueling. 10 is kind of my marker where I do make sure to.

  8. Great Run with a great pace!

  9. The trail looks beautiful!

  10. lovely pictures! minus the traffic one :/

    i long for muir woods too. that place was just soooooo amazing. we spent 5 hours there. those trees and the way the storms placed some of them - wow!!


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