Run + Ride = Fun

At 6AM, I ran 4 miles, returned home for my dog and took off for another 5 miles. I wanted to keep up a decent pace and I knew Zoe would be eager to run fast. It helps to run with a faster runner! Now I've had two recent runs where the humidity hasn't bothered me (as in: made me stop for a drink every mile, want to sit on every bench I passed and just plain made me miserable) - finally!

After the run, I changed into biking clothes and my husband and I went for a 70 minute ride on the trails. It wasn't very muddy today and we didn't have to climb over trees fallen on the path, making it a lot easier than Saturday's ride. Here's a video taken Saturday of my husband riding on a hill where I probably just walked my bike. : O

This was the first time I've gone on a ride right after a run. The breeze felt great when I rode fast. I kept my eyes open for trail roots and branches hanging over the path - you have to think quickly out there. It works your brain and your body!

Pre-run: toast; Post-run: chocolate milk; During run/ride: Gatorade/water


  1. You were certainly active! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Your biking adventures sound like so much fun - even with the mud!

  3. Great job, Tina! I always marvel at how you "southerners" handle the heat and humidity so well. I love seeing Zoe's photo in the margin - I bet that cute face had a huge smile plastered across it when you took her for a run. Hey, you and your hubby are experiencing Happy Trails on the mountain bikes!!! :-)

  4. You just did a brick workout! Those are awesome. You should think about a duathlon - they are an awesome event :D

  5. sounds like a great day!

  6. Wow! Two runs and ride in one day. Fun.

  7. I can always count on my dog to make me run fast as well!

    When is your next marathon?

  8. After I hit post, I saw the answer to my question on your side bar...Denver! That sounds like a fun one!


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