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Elephant Seals Soaking Up Some Rays on the California Coast (Yes, they're alive!)

Just a few things that I find interesting...

Russian Orphanage Offers Love, But Not Families - Praying that Russia will allow U.S. families to adopt these children into their loving homes.

Parental Estrangement - A Silent Epidemic - There are children who, for no apparent reason, don't want anything to do with their parents after growing up. Hoping this weekend (Mother's Day) those parents, all parents really, will get that long-awaited call.

Preventing Cancer in Dogs -  We had a dog who died of cancer 6 years ago.  I wonder if Zoe, my dog, likes broccoli or cauliflower. Apparently, 1/2 a cup 3x's a week would do her some good. 

Need a laugh? Got 1 minute and 13 seconds? Here ya go... Microsoft Software Prank with Alarm

I got the idea for this miscellaneous post from Tim Challies' A La Carte Posts. Thanks, Tim!

P.S. My Garmin is working after that hard reset. I ran 5 1/4 miles today!


  1. Would broccoli work for cats too? :)
    On a more serious note, I wonder what they really put in pet food. When we talked to our vet about giving our cats real food, the vet looked almost panicked. He actually said that they would not be getting adequate nutrition. That was the last time we went to see him. Makes me wonder what he eats himself.

    Garmins seems to need hard kick - reset once in a while.

    Loved the Microsoft Software Prank.

  2. I just had to reset my Garmin too. You have some great wishes.

  3. great links - heartbreaking. i hope russia does lift it too. there are so many loving homes and huge hearts that would love to have those children.

    my dog LOVES broccoli. when i chop off the big stem from a bunch, i give it to her and she walks off with it like a bone! but she loves the "trees" as well! (and cauliflower too!)

  4. Today I learned that my dog does not like broccoli, not even the smell of it, not even when I cover it with plain yogurt which she likes very much. Next try: cauliflower!

  5. would she like it with broth? i have a dog with an endless stomach and a brain that tells her to eat anything! (except the stems of spinach! hah!)


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