"Sounds Like Noon" Tabs

While waiting for the light to change on Memorial Drive, a bike rider said he worked to get this "stop here on red" sign placed at the crosswalk so that drivers will stop for those of us crossing the street. Nice!

My husband and I continued on to a difficult bike trail and when I got home, I decided that it's time to take off the parentheses around "mountain" biking in my profile description. After nearly planting my face on a tree trunk twice, I've decided that this is serious stuff, even if I'm in the middle of Houston and not plowing down a real mountain somewhere!

Today started with a run. I've used Nuun (pronounced noon) on a bike ride before and today I used it on my eight mile run. It's an electrolyte tablet that you add to water. The tri-berry flavor tastes okay, but it's not sweet because it's sugar-free. I carried a small empty bottle with me and dropped a half a tablet in every two miles, using the park fountains to add water - liked that! Since I didn't pass out because of the heat (temperature was 77/real feel 87), I'll call it a success.

Anyone else use Nuun? Do you take something else along with it? I drank plain water every other mile because I was so hot.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I've never heard of that product. But I use GU a lot for long bike rides. I try to drink tons of water with it.

  2. I have never used nuun.

  3. We use U (which is also made by NUUN). It is a bit lower on the sodium and does not contain the Acesulfame sweetener that regular NUUN has.

    I prefer GU on the bike because it has some caloric value, so you get a little bit of a steady stream of carb with your electrolytes.

  4. Thanks for posting how to say it! I never knew. I have some nuun here, but I haven't tried it yet. It's hot there.

  5. I've used nuun but have since transitioned to another source...the Mountain biking sounds like fun!

  6. I've heard so much about Nuun. I've GOT to try it! Glad to know you liked it!


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