Check-up vs. 10 Mile Run

Cooler today - only 73 degrees and cloudy! I ran 6 miles, ran back home for some cold Gatorade, and then ran another 4 miles with my dog.

That was the best part of my run. We've gotten a lot better at running together. We don't step on each other's toes or paws anymore! Plus, people are more likely to smile when you're running with a dog. : )

Yesterday I made myself go in for my annual physical exam. I dreaded going, always do. I had to fast until my blood was taken (must they take so very much?), but when it was finally all over at 11:30, I speed-walked to my car where I had a smoothie waiting. If I could choose between running 10 miles or going in for a check-up, I'd choose the run, even on a hot day!

Pre-run: banana bread & Gatorade (because it's hot)
Food for Thought: an article on eating before you run & if this is pizza night, choose thin crust!


  1. Hi! I love that you run with your dog. I'd love to be able to run with one or both of mine but all attempts so far haven't gone so well. They seem to prefer walking so guess we'll stick with that together! :-)

  2. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. First, no way could I break up a run by going back home in between. The couch, comfy chair and of course the bed all reach out and grab me simulatenously each time I have tried this.

    Article - I am not sure what your routine is, but I never eat any thing big before a race or training run. In fact, I say no to the Carbo loading parties the night before races. I will have a decent lunch than a salad the night before. AM of - banana and a handful of vanilla wafers then I am off to the starting line.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'd choose a marathon over a annual check-up - haha. Nice job on the 10!! :)

  5. Good job on getting your check-up in...I am not a fan either, but always feel better after I have gotten it over with. :)

  6. Good for you getting an annual check up, you have just reminded me that my annual check up is due soon!

    LOVE your blog look! :)

  7. Run wins every time, especially when there are needles involved!!! Pretty odd day - you had 73 and we had 91, which is not supposed to happen :-)

  8. hahah! i am so with you on that dread! i am overdue a month now. thanks for the yucky reminder! hehe :) smoothie recipe is getting printed NOW! don't know how i missed this one!

  9. i need to make my appointment, too. A smoothie, however, waiting for me in my car sounds like a Must Have now!

    And by the way, I love that you returned and ran even longer with your dog! I'm with Slomohusky... think i woulda given it up by then, once i returned back to the house. You're very sweet and your dog thanks you very much! :O)

  10. Me too! hands down! I HATE going to the doctor!!


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