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Happy National Running Day! I had a good long run at Memorial Park where lots of runners celebrated the holiday by getting in a good sweat. Thanks, Luke's Locker, for offering orange Gatorade on the running loop!

I usually get a drink every two miles, but today I drank every 2.5 miles (Gu w/water or Gatorade or water). Sometimes on long, hot runs, my hands get puffy and that may be from over-drinking, but no puffiness today.

I listened to music, but I can't do that for too long on hot runs - my ears fill up with sweat, making it hard to hear for a few hours after I run. When I grew bored, I did a little back and forth running (left to right and back again on the path) in a quiet section just for something different - hope it didn't look like the heat was getting to me!

This week's long run was easier than last week's long run. I only needed a couple of unplanned rest stops towards the end. In fact, all this week running has been better than the last couple of weeks. Today's fuel intake was similar to last week, except that I drank less. Maybe I'm finally beginning to adjust to the humidity.

At the 17 mile mark when my Garmin beeped, I was so excited - only one more mile to go! When I finished today's 18 mile run (9:52 ave pace - an improvement from last week's 16 miler at 10:30 pace), the temp was 81 with a feels-like temp of 97. Time for an ice bath! Summer time is the one good time for those!

Pre-run: granola topped with raisins, yogurt & milk

Today's Treat: Nutella gelato from Gelato Blu - Yum!


  1. I have such horrible hydration problems and so I drink every mile, at the minimum! Glad you got in a speedy super long run on this National Holiday :).

  2. Good job. The pre run granola sounds just right!

  3. Steve was doing the evening blog roll and exclaimed, "Hey come look, Tina has a food picture!!!" - YUM..... Nutella Gelato - we'll be down for a visit and a sample....
    Mmmmmm, Nutella....... :-)

  4. Jill, I had one of those drink-every-mile runs last week - so hot!

    AJH, granola makes a good pre-run meal for me. And a good dessert, too!

    K & S, can't wait for the visit!

  5. 18 miles on a Wednesday - I'm so impressed! WTG!

  6. Great job on your 18 miler! I like the mental image of you running side to side. Maybe people thought you were just moving to the music? Glad you had a good run!

  7. Sounds like a good run! I am glad you are getting used to the heat!

  8. Way to go on your 18 miles!!!!! That gelato looks amazing! Great post-run treat!

  9. 18 miles Tina - WOW. just WOW. and i know how stinkin' hot and humid it is there. you are just- awesome! :)

    i am having issues with my ears and sweat so lately i've been leaving the ipod behind and i'm just fine without it! love that new found freedom!


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