Inside/Outside Run

Treats for Zoe, My Dog
I felt a little sick after Wednesday and Thursday's hot runs. Today was different - 11 mile run and I never felt sick.

First, my dog and I went for a 4 mile run. At the two mile mark, I leaned on the water fountain to rest. Being tired at two miles is not good! I slowly ran back home and did something different...

I hopped on the treadmill. With the fan blowing on me, running wasn't easy, but it was easier. I watched the squirrels out the window and felt sorry for all of the runners I saw huffing and puffing down the street.

I drank Gatorade every mile or two - the goal had been every two miles, but with my drink nearby I talked myself into the wisdom of taking in less Gatorade more often. Every time I got a drink I had to stop, though - today's bottle was too big for my treadmill drink holder. Sometimes stopping is nice - as long as you can keep going after the rest.

I was able to run the last five miles a little faster than the first six today only because I was inside my cool house with a fan blowing on my face. What a luxury!


  1. I have a Zoe dog too! I have never made her treats but maybe I should! 11 miles! I don't blame you at all for coming inside to do it... that Houston air is thick and muggy! I get down there a couple times a year and I am always anxious to get back up to the big D. Totally random but if you ever heard of Layla Grace on your news - her Mom and I have been best friends since we were litte.

  2. Zoe's a good name! These cute little cookies came from HEB - maybe you have one there. I can't remember the brand name now - I threw the box out and put them in a cookie jar.

    I recently learned about Layla Grace online - so sad.

  3. hmmm... so you felt a little sick after your two hot runs... last sat. was the first time i felt sick (as in nausea) after a run. i only had 20 oz. of water in that 10 mile run. wonder if a sport drink or gatorade would have been better? trying to figure out if it was a heat thing or a lack of something issue! glad you felt better with this run. i remember you would do half in and out last year! so cool you can do that. i should do that - run to the gym, run there, and run back as my miles ramp up! you got me thinking now! ok - this is longwinded!

  4. Running in the heat is so hard! Summer has finally arrived for us - it has been in the upper 80's - no humidity (thank goodness!), but intense sun at our high elevation (6800ft) is what makes it rough, at least for me. Lucky for us, the mornings are cool so we just need to get out early. No such luck for you - boo-hoo! Running in the cool with a nice cool breeze (fan) probably felt quite lovely for you! :-) Have a great week!

  5. Glad you felt good today, Tina.

    Love walking into an air conditioned house after a long run!


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