Long Run w/Trails

My summer running tip: carry more water than you think you'll need. I drank two extra cups of water today.

After running four miles with Zoe, my dog, I ran home to let her take a nap and picked up my frozen Gatorade and then I was off to the park again. I took a different path this time and ran over to the bridge where I did some hillwork, mixed with some flat running for relief. That made miles seven and eight fly by for some crazy reason of which I can't explain!

I ran a flat 3 mile loop, stopped in the air-conditioned restroom (AC is wonderful!) just to pour my Gatorade powder into one of my empty bottles and filled two bottles with cold water from the fountain.

Next, it was time to try something I've been wanting to do for a long time - run on the mountain bike trails. Once I was on them, all I could hear was the sound of the cicadas. I saw two cardinals, a pretty red male and a female carrying something in her beak, but no other wild animals, not even an armadillo which I've seen before or a coyote which I've been warned live in the park, but I've never seen. 

I was especially thirsty and this is the where my extra water came in handy. It was just as fun as I thought it would be to run through the trees, looking out for tree roots, sliding on the mud (it rained yesterday) and running up and down the short hills. Time to wash my muddy shoes off with the hose...

16 Mile Run
2 hours & 43 min, 10:27/min ave pace 
81-84 degrees w/ feels-like temp of 90-102
48 oz. Gatorade, 28 oz. water


  1. Another great run, Tina! You're my hero! :)

  2. Great job! Looks nice out there! Stay cool!! :-)

  3. Thanks, Wendy! The trail running made it esp. fun today. : )

  4. Thanks, Running Diva Mom! I'll try! You, too!

  5. Great run! I love running on the trails =)

  6. That was a long run in the heat, smart idea taking more water than necessary, great reminder.
    Do the cicadas sound like rattle snakes in the grass? Just wondering, BS always says the sounds I hear in the grass are cicadas but I've never actually seen one!

  7. Meg, yes, that's just what they sound like! I never thought about it before. (You can hear cicadas at the link in the post.)

  8. Lynette, these fun trails are in the middle of Houston, a few blocks from my house. : )

  9. Good job on a long run on a hot day!

  10. Awesome run Tina! I can't believe that it won't be much longer until I too can run 16 miles! Great job.


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