Low on Vitamin D

My blood test results are in: I'm low on vitamin D - I'll start taking 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. Because my vitamin D number was 33 and my doctor wants to see it at 70, she'd like me to take more vit D. It wasn't enough to get lots of sunshine, drink low-fat chocolate milk (not fat-free like I used to drink because vitamin D needs fat to break it down. Update: I may be wrong about the fat!) and take a multivitamin with 800 IU of vitamin D - maybe partly because we sweat out our nutrients and cover up with sunscreen.

The best part is that since a lack of vitamin D can slow you down, increasing vitamin D made one runner faster! I'm ready for faster! It could even make me happier since being low on D can cause depression. Sounds like a pretty special vitamin!

Today I ran four miles with Zoe, came home to drop her off and drink some Gatorade and headed out again for six more miles. I was supposed to slowly progress to marathon pace in the last mile, but instead I ran two faster miles in the 7th & 8th miles - there was a fast runner who made me want to run fast, too, and I just went with it! Fun! I ran the rest slowly, without any speedy progression, because it was just so hot and, anyway, you know I'm low on vitamin D, right?! I was tired!

I'm glad my doctor's visit resulted in good information for me and even reminded some of you to make that appointment for yourself. Guess where I'm going tomorrow? The dentist! No fun!

Update: Apparently, it's vitamin D3 in gelcap form that you want for all the benefits of vitamin D.


  1. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for sharing. I have been up on the Vitamin D thing for a number of months now. Yet, tell me how did you or Doc come to the conclusion you needed the supplement pill form and how much of it? I ask because I have read conflicting information on supplements v. eating more rich Vitamin D foods.

    Have fun at the Dentist? If that is possible? :)

  2. Because my vit D number was 33 and she wants to see it at 70, she'd like me to take more vit D. After a little googling, it looks like it would be hard to get all that I need from my diet since I try to eat well already.

    I'll update my post to include the numbers in case others are interested.

    No, that isn't possible, but thanks!

  3. I have had excellent results with increased D. I have more energy AND I don't catch every little cold that comes around (that was more in the fall/winter). Good luck!

  4. That's really good to hear! Thanks!

  5. Just curious, since I've been reading about Vit D as well--do you always wear sunscreen when you are outside? I've heard that could be the cause of the increasing Vit D deficiency and I just wondered.

  6. Ok, I'm going to take 50,000 mg of Vit D, that way I'll be up there in the elite crowd running :). Well, I'm glad they found a fix and I'm hoping the vitamin gives you all the strength you need! Have fun at the dentist. :/

  7. JenLo, I usu. wear sunscreen on my face, neck and hands and sometimes my shoulders and arms, too. Yes, my wearing sunscreen, a good thing, keeps me from getting some of that vit. D. Too bad, but I'll keep wearing it.

  8. Very interesting about the Vitamin D. I am with Jill - I will start loading up on it - maybe it will make me faster! I am diligent about the sunscreen whenever I am out. Vit D is also important in the absorption process of calcium and it benefits the immune system. You just convinced me to "up" my supplementation. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! This is all so very interesting to me! Just curious, do you drink milk? And is skim milk in the same category as you mentioned about fat-free chocolate milk? Glad you got some solid feedback and advice from your doctor! Makes me want to get myself checked out too...

    Also, I think it's so great that Zoe gets to run with you!

  10. Most of this year, I drank 3 cups of milk a day, but I recently started drinking less milk and more water. One of my favorite post-run drinks is chocolate milk.

    From what I read, you need a little fat in your milk (at least drink 1% milk) to get the vitamin D benefit, whether it's flavored with chocolate or not.

    Yeah, my dog is fun to run with! : )

  11. I didn't know that about the fat in the milk.

  12. My dermatologist told me to take vitamin D pills/tablets. I've been taking them ever since. I didn't know they'd make me fast, gosh, maybe I should take a few more(jk)!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Just wondered as Vit D deficiency seems to be on the rise as we get smarter about skin cancer. I agree--sunscreen is the smart choice and use supplements to get our Vit D.

  14. I've been hearing about so many people being low on vitamin D. I started taking 2000 IU a day, too.. but then forgot all about it a few weeks ago. I wonder how that happened. Pooof. Just one day... i stopped and never thought of them again. I'll start back. Thanks for the reminder!


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