A Better Run

New Asics 2150 & Old Asics 1150

There's nothing like new shoes to encourage you to get out there and run. I just received the 2150's from Running Warehouse and wore them today on my 6 mile run.

 I hope the 2150 shoe tongue doesn't chafe my ankle on long runs like my 1150's do. I'd like to wear my low-profile socks again, some of them made of material especially for summer running. (Those 1150's have only been treadmill shoes so far - that's why they're so clean.)

I took yesterday off from running - I'm fighting a bit of a cough and thought that rest might be best. Today  was hot and humid, but there was an occasional breeze in the shade - nice. I stopped often for quick water fountain breaks, careful not to drink too much and water-log myself, but making sure to get some water on my wrists and face hoping that would cool me down. Today's run went much better than Tuesday's "easy" 8 miler. Of course, it was two miles shorter.


  1. From what I hear from my H-town friends yall have been having several rainstorms... hope you are missing out on that with your new shoes!

  2. I love my Asics! Got some Kayano
    15's on sale the other day!

  3. Glad you had a good run!

  4. gotta LOVE new shoes! they are so pretty! :)
    did you get them on sale? i got an email via FB that had an extra 25% off sale prices. i got a pair of my fave shorts for 13!!! yay~~

  5. I LOVE my Asics 2150's!!! I use both the road and the trail version-they are my all time favorite, go-to shoe - my feet and body are SO happy in them! :-)

  6. New shoes ARE the best! If I had unlimited funds, I think that's the thing I would splurge on...not cars or houses but new shoes every month!

    Be safe as Bonnie heads our way! (y'all get the brunt of it...I'm just hoping my lawn ends up wet)

  7. I love that line of Asics, great shoes for me too! I think I've been running in that 2100 series for 8 or 10 years?? And new shoes ALWAYS make the run so much better, weird but true!!!


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