Memorial Park

I ran 10 miles yesterday after I ate some banana bread. Midway through the run, I had a vanilla Gu. I felt fine the whole way, never feeling like I needed to stop because I was hot. It must have been cooler than usual. I didn't run today because yesterday the top of my right foot felt uncomfortable when I flexed my toes. It's fine now. I guess I just needed a day off.

Today I lifted some weights and did some core exercises. I started a book about Abigail and John Adams and then my husband and I went for a bike ride.

When I stopped for a water break, mosquitoes swarmed around me, but I was only bit once on my face where I didn't put any Cutter Advanced Sport Heavy Duty Formula. Fortunately, I haven't been bothered when I run at the park on the loop, only when I'm back in the woods on the bike trail.

There was some mud slinging on the trail - mud puddles I had to ride through, but it wasn't too bad. There were some tree roots that made it hard to get up the hills and it was a little hard to get down some others - some good exercise.


  1. Sounds like a great run and ride! I absoutely hate mosquitoes, so good to hear of a product that works well!!

  2. No actual mud slinging though, right?
    I really like when the trails are muddy and or kind of uneven, it keeps us on our toes.
    I hope your foot feels better and that your cooling trend sticks around!

  3. The wooded trails keep the temps down for you, that was so nice of them!! I got bit by a big horse fly on my arm yesterday...I could have used some of our Cutter Advanced!

  4. That looks muddy! I was getting bit by horse flies at home! Annoying!

  5. No banana bread photo??? So with all of the running AND mt biking you are doing, when are you going to sign up for a duathlon???!!! :-) Have a great week!

  6. That would have been a good photo to use. Another time!

  7. fun in the mud always a good thing!

    Have you seen the HBO Adams production? Well worth a viewing if you have not seen it.

  8. We rented the John Adams videos (there were a few - it's a long movie) from a local store. I still remember how painful it would be to be tarred & feathered.


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