Progression Run

Today on my way to the park I ran alongside a man walking his dog. When I got close to them, the man stopped walking and the dog immediately sat down in front of him even though the man never said a word. Obedience!

When I got to the park I saw a man and a young girl running ahead of me. After a little while, she stopped to walk and the man stopped, too, giving her a pat on the back. Little kindesses make big impressions.

Today I had a fun goal - to make each mile faster then the one before (and then cool-down).

Mile splits: 10:15, 10:09, 9:42, 9:34, 9:09, 8:56, 8:29, 8:22, 10:10, 9:59

Goal accomplished!

I'm especially grateful for today's 10 miler. Having to take a day off does that, doesn't it? Wednesday I didn't run because pain shot from my heel to my calf when I walked, but today it's fine.

Photo: The best photo I took of the cardinal in our tree before he flew away, scared when I tip-toed outside for a closer look.


  1. Love your goal for the run! Glad you enjoyed it and knocked it out!

  2. I always notice little things like that too, and it is a reminder to me to be kind and loving to others.

    I love the goal of making each mile faster! I think I'll try that on my next run. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  3. VEry impressed with how you made each mile faster! Nice job!

  4. Great job, Tina!! Those progress runs really pay off!

  5. Love the cardinal, so pretty! Way to knock out that progressively faster run!

  6. Great mile splits! That is such good training, way to go!


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