Ran 12 & 8

California Poppies

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment on my last post - so thoughtful of each of you.

I ran 8 miles today. It was too hot and humid for me - 80*, like yesterday. I stopped often at fountains, pouring water on my neck and arms. I had to sit down twice, but not for long - the mosquitoes found me. My left shin hurt a little. I'll ice it.

Yesterday's 12 miler was easier somehow. I ran it without taking walking breaks like today. Maybe drinking from the cold refrigerated water fountain like I did yesterday instead of the lukewarm ones I used today and the GU at mile 4 made the difference.

As usual, I was soaked in sweat today. While we were in California last week, I hardly sweat even though it was 80*. The CA weatherman said that it was humid, but I couldn't feel it and I was able to run faster, getting down to half marathon pace. It was a good running change to see some faster splits on my Garmin.

Keep running!


  1. California is my favorite place to run. I always run faster there.

  2. The humidity is no fun at all to run in!

  3. I agree completely! It is so much harder to run in humidity but come the fall you have potential for some PR's and definitely faster training paces after all of the hard work training in the summer heat! :)

  4. Glad you were able to get out the past few days even though today was a bit tough. Keep your chin up as your heart heals and keep getting out for your therapy (runs)!

  5. It's amazing the difference humidity makes! Keep drinking that water!

  6. Nice runs.

    Just saw your other post: So sorry for your loss.

  7. Tina, just found your blog!
    Any reason why you chose Asics 2150s over Kayano 16? Just wondering as they sold me the 16s and the 2150s are much cheaper. I run my first marathon in October!

  8. Great! Have fun training for your first marathon!

    Didn't even look at the Kayano's - I guess the reason is price. So far, so good on the 2150's.


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