Time to Push a Little

A Magnolia Bloom 

Today's goal: 5 faster miles in the middle of a 9 mile run.
  • 2 warm-up miles: 10:50, 10:47/mi. average pace. 81 degrees, 90% humidity.
  • Time to speed up for 5 miles and focus on the path ahead of me. No looking into the trees when I heard the numerous cardinals chirping. When I sped up, I felt a slight breeze - an incentive. My legs felt light. My feet felt comfortable in my new Asics 2150's. Mile splits - 9:22, 9:07, 9:25, 9:10, and 9:03. It was important to me that I didn't get slower at the end.
  • 2 cool-down miles: 11:01, 11:12 Legs were oh, so heavy. Soaked in the usual sweaty mess, I slowly dripped all of the way home. Drip, drop!
Pre-run: homemade granola
During: Gatorade. Fill bottles 1/2 full and freeze. Top off in the AM.


  1. I do the same with my water bottles.

    I wish I was speedy like you - were you always speedy or did it take work? I thought maybe after this marathon class is over I would sign up for speed work.

    Congrats on a nice run!

  2. bingo! love that tip - freeze half way and fill to the top before run. THANK YOU!!!

    you push yourself like a True CHAMP!! awesome tina!

  3. Speed work is great for getting faster. Sounds like a fun class to take after your marathon, Sherry!

    Thanks for the kind words, Sherry and Kate! : )

  4. Well done, Tina!!

  5. sounds like a great run! I'll have to try the fill bottles half way and freeze tip...thanks!

  6. Cardinals chirping and Magnolias blooming - you have missing something! Great workout!

  7. Cardinals chirping and Magnolias blooming - you have missing something! Great workout!

  8. Way to push the pace in the heat! There really is no complete understanding of how much you sweat while running in the humidity of the South until you experience it! Love the "drip drip", so true!!!! :)

  9. WOW! That is so impressive! I have this daydream of running with you when i come to houston in october, but feeling like i might be a big slow pull for you.

    That humidity is a huge killer! I'm vacationing in the inner coastals in North Carolina in August.. i hope to run the beach and get through the humidity. It's tough. I so commend you... You're such an inspiration!

  10. Slomohusky, sorry about the double comment here. I think blogger malfunctioned and if I'd been on my feet, I would have caught it.

    Doodlegirl, we'll have a fun run, unless we're drenched, but maybe we won't notice because we'll be so busy talking. : )


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