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Backyard Cardinal
I made a new runner friend as I trudged up a hill at the beginning of today's run. She was in her tenth mile of a 15 miler in preparation for the Chicago marathon. Talking made the time go by quickly, but I think we sped up for some crazy reason and when she left the park, I felt a bit worn out.

So I took my one and only Gu gel at mile 2.5 even though I'd planned to take it at mile 4 or 5. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I might be okay just eating one Gu gel and drinking lots of water today, but it was too hot for that so I ran home to get some Gatorade. Live and learn!

I ran 50.4 miles this week. During the last mile, there was one happy thought running through my mind: this is my 50th mile (for the week). This is my 50th mile!

Whatever your total is this week, I hope you met your goals, too!


  1. Congratulations on your 50-mile week!!

  2. Good going!
    Now that my achilles troubles seem to be over I cannot wait to start hitting bigger mile weeks but impatience got me in trouble before so I am taking it easier this time.
    Congrats on a nice, round number. I am just a little bit envious.

  3. Wahoo for 50 miles in a week - that's AMAZING!

    Keep up the awesome running!

  4. You ran more this week than I usually do in two - well done!!

  5. I love hitting that 50-mile mark, congratulations girl!!! Glad you found a new running friend, too...very cool. Happy Weekend

  6. Nice job on the 50 miles!

  7. 50 miles is big time - glad you are having a good summer of running Tina! Those chicken kabobs look awesome!


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