Drop Off, Buy More

Friday morning's first challenge: find the treadmill. I had cleaned out a few boxes of books. What a mess!

Second goal: run 10 miles. After a warm-up, I set the treadmill dial to 7.3 with the incline at 1% - 8:12/mile pace, about 1/2 marathon pace. OK, maybe that's only my 1/2 marathon pace in my dreams, but let's carry on here... The first minute was spent concentrating on not flying off the back of the TM.

Once I realized that I could stay on the treadmill, I felt better, but I needed to stay the speed for a full ten minutes, three times. There was a lot of  "only four more minutes, only three more minutes, etc." going on in my mind. Obviously, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be because I did it. : )

Later on, with those books and some clothes that were just taking up space in my closet, I headed over to the Salvation Army. After dropping my stuff off, I went into the store for some more stuff. Is that just insanity?! Maybe, maybe not, but I sure do like my new $7 Levi jeans. : ) 


  1. Nice workout. At least you made sure to take some out before bringing more in. Smart!

  2. Of course you need to make room for new things. For me it's the books. I give away many, donate some to the library and then buy more since 'empty' shelves look so sad.

  3. Great price for Levis!

  4. if something comes in, something goes out... so i think you are even! :) plus who can beat 7 dollar jeans!?!


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