Gu Electrolyte Brew

 Nachos For Dinner At Tina's Casa

Yesterday I went to REI for the blueberry pomegranate Gu Brew that Happy Trails mentioned on my Zym Tabs post (Thank you!), but they were out of it so I bought some packets of lemon lime Gu Electrolyte Brew to see what Gu Electrolyte Brew tastes like.

I used the lemon lime Gu Electrolyte Brew today. It tastes like lemon-flavored water and I like it. It's not as nearly as sweet as Gatorade, a plus because I've used so much Gatorade this summer that I'm getting tired of sweet drinks. I also used tri-berry Nuun, which tasted kind of sweet compared to the Gu Electrolyte Brew even though I thought Nuun wasn't sweet before today. One more change today: I drank more than usual.

Today I warmed up for two miles, ran 1/2 a mile hard (a mistake, really) and then ran 2 minutes hard with 3 minutes easy, ten times, which is how many times it took before my legs felt like noodles. Then I ran two miles of rolling hills, slowly, and then two miles home. I felt better than usual and ran the extra 1/4 mile down my street rather than stop to walk at the 11 mile mark. I'd say that's progress! : )

So, whether it was my fuel, the cloudy skies with the breeze or just my day, it was a good one! Hope you have a good one, too!


  1. I really like those Brews. They make a huge difference. I use them when we go on long bike rides.

  2. That dinner is making me hungry - yum!

  3. Those nachos look amazing! Mmmm!!!

  4. Wow, that's a terrific run!! I like to drink Nuun, but I've only tried GU Brew once. It's so nice to have choices.

  5. Mmmmm... Nachos!!! Glad you liked the GU - the Blueberry is mild also. It's the only one w/ 2x sodium, but the others have a good amount too.

  6. With all that heat and you keep on running! Way to go!

  7. i see avocado in those nachos! yuuuuummmmmm!!!

    savor those awesome runs! GU electrolyte brew is light. i tried a sample of the lemon lime and it's def. not that sweet. which is fine with me.


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