The Last Mile

There were some tough miles today, but that doesn't make the whole 18 mile run bad. In fact, most of it was great.

The temperature felt comfortable for the first 10 or 12 miles. I was covered in sweat, but there was a cool breeze that swept over me when I ran, cooling me. I just couldn't believe how good I felt out there on a summer day in Houston.

But in the last three miles, I got hot and slowed down. It seemed like I'd never finish. I ran over a bridge (hill) and sped across the street to beat the light and then my stomach felt sick - time for a walk break.

And then came the last and hardest mile. No matter what the pace, I really wanted to run the whole mile and I also really, really wanted to stop running, too! I ran the entire 18th mile - slower than I would have liked, but I ran the whole way. It was like the later miles in a marathon when I really want to stop.

After the run, I had some terrible toe cramps. If they'd been one degree worse, I would have cried like a baby! I'll google toe cramps and see how I can prevent them.

So most of the run went well and I surprised myself - running through that last mile when I wanted to stop so badly.

Temperature: a humid 80*
Average Pace: 9:55/mile
Pre-run: granola
During: Gingerbread and Vanilla Gu gel every 5 miles and lots of water


  1. oh that stinks. but you finished! and i'm sure despite how bad your toes and tummy felt, you felt great for getting it DONE! and your time was still excellent. :) i will always think your time is excellent!

  2. Aaaaah.......Long live cool summer breezes! Great job on pushing through that last mile!

  3. Proud of you for sticking it out when you were not feeling it! I can't wait for both of us, for this Texas summer to hit the road. I don't know how you do it with all that humidity! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Nice overall pace! Good job on the 18 miles. I planned to run twice today and had a great early afternoon run. But here I sit as it thunders and carries on outside!


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