TM, My Friend

I had a great run today! I ran seven easy miles outside and then came home to run two miles on the treadmill. (I find it kind of hard to call any miles that are run outside on a hot summer day easy!) I wanted to finish at a moderate pace and I was pretty sure that speeding up after running seven miles would probably be impossible for me to do outside. In fact, my last mile outside was one of my slowest.

So I hopped on the TM and with the fan blowing cool air and my mind on the music, I actually ran more than I wanted to run - only 0.07 mile over, but it was over. I just forgot about the distance. That's a good run!

Yesterday, I ran seven miles on the treadmill, with 3 x 1 mile hard/3 min easy. The time flew by compared to what it would have been like running outside.

That's a photo of the Harvest Salad I ate recently at the Corner Bakery Cafe. It has chicken, apples and walnuts in it - very good! Speaking of eating, I ate white rice before today's run - a new pre-run breakfast for me. I liked it. The other day, I ate tortillas with Nutella - too sweet to eat at 5:45 AM, even though I really like Nutella. It tastes like nutty chocolate cake frosting!


  1. I could eat Nutella any time of day! :)

  2. That's what I thought! It is good!!!

  3. I love Nutella. I am certain that this is a perfect health food: nuts and chocolate - it has to be good for you.
    That salad looks good too.

  4. That salad is yummy!

  5. I agree with Kristin - Nutella is edible for me ANY time of day - mmmmmmmm! It also has proved to be very good fuel for workouts. Bummer, though, we have had to cut it out of our diet as it contains modified palm oil and we have read some not so good things about palm oil. Has anyone else read about palm oil? I LOVE Nutella!

  6. Back from grocery shopping... saw some hazelnut spread at the store which didn't contain palm oil and was cheaper than Nutella.


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