Toe Cramps

 Lately I've been getting toe cramps after long runs so I did a little googling. Toe cramps may be caused by low calcium, potassium, sodium or even dehydration. If I'd had a cup with me, it might have helped to drink some Gatorade rather than just to rely on gels and water. Also, pulling your toes towards you or standing on a cold floor may lessen the pain. My toes usually feel inflexible during a cramp, but I'll try flexing them.

 Rather than post photos of toes, here are some lunchtime photos - better than toes! Yesterday my husband and I had a very good lunch at Zoe's. My husband had chicken kabobs and I had grilled chicken and coleslaw in a pita. Then we shared a yummy chocolate chip cookie that was too big to finish.

I ran about 6 miles yesterday and today is a running rest day for me. Whether it's a running day or a much-deserved rest day for you, have a good one!


  1. Never heard that about toes. So much comes back to being hydrated enough.

    Looks like a great lunch!

  2. do you use endurolytes by Hammer or s caps? They help me a great deal - at least the first one.

  3. No, maybe I should look for some. I never thought I needed any since I don't get cramps while I'm running.

  4. I've never heard of that for toes either.

    Enjoy your rest day today!!

  5. my fingers used to cramp bad (from being so sick during one of my pregnancies). they told me it was from loss of electrolytes/dehydration. i hope your toes get better!

    wow, that lunch looks amaaaaaazing! so healthy and delicious!


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