Zoe's Treats

Here's a video of Zoe with two treats temptingly sitting on her nose, waiting for my husband to give her the go-ahead.

I ran 6 miles with 6 x 20-30 second hills today. Running hills was a nice break from what might have been just a a monotonous slow run. My bruises on my legs had been hurting when I run, but not today. Now I have no pain from Saturday's bike fall when I run. : )

The 87% humidity really slowed me down, though. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures in a couple of months, hopefully sooner. Can't wait to see some faster speed on my Garmin then!


  1. great job on the hill run!

  2. Aww...love the dog video...she's good! Great job on the hills!

  3. I admire anyone who can run in hot and humid weather. I start complaining when it hits 75F and really don't like humidity. I think I am spoiled.
    What a good dog you have!

  4. 87% humidity sounds terrible!

  5. I'm with you, Tina, gotta hope this hot weather running will payoff

  6. That video is awesome - we had a Schnauzer that could do that trick too! Glad your bruised legs are getting better - even if the humidity is not.....

  7. Very cute about your dog trick :). Nice job on the hills, girl!!!

  8. very sorry to read about the bike crash. fun video as well.

    I had a header over handle bar once in the middle on a heavy traffic road. came very close to someones tire over my head. be careful!!!


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