Zym Tabs

During today's 16 miler, I drank GatoradeNuun and berry flavored Zym, an electrolyte tablet that tastes like punch. Unfortunately, it contains the artificial sweetener sucralose, something I didn't notice until after I bought it. The Zym tabs only cost $4 with my $5 Sports Authority coupon.

I started out running 10 easy-paced miles outside. I had high hopes for a long run without stopping to rest - optimism even in the face of 82*, which felt like 90* with 89% humidity at the start.

But in the tenth mile, I needed to lean on a sign to take a breather. I had just raced across the street, hurrying to cross before the light changed and the burst of speed on this hot day nearly did me in! While standing there, I stretched - getting two things taken care of at once.

Once I caught my breath, I ran home. On the treadmill, I ran 4 hard miles - impossible outside, and then finished with 2 easy miles.

Coach Levi's 9 Ways to Get Electrolytes Besides Gatorade

What's your favorite way to consume electrolytes?


  1. I haven't tried those yet. I usually use GU Energy Brew or Gatorade.

  2. Tina - I like how you try all sorts of new things and report on them.

  3. I'm with Happy, I like that too! So did you like the taste of ZYM? Did it have a little kick to it like NUUN does at first?
    It's just as hot there as it is here. I FEEEEEEL your fatigue!! ;)

  4. I liked the taste of Zym better than Nuun because Zym was sweet, but I think I could taste the artificial sweetener - those have a certain taste I don't like. Zym wasn't as fizzy as Nuun. And of the 3 I drank, Gatorade tastes best to me.

  5. usually gatorade for me, but I've been wanting to try the nuun

  6. I've been using the NUUN tablets and just used them last weekend in my 70.3 race. I really like this brand and haven't had an upset stomach like I usually get with electrolyte drinks and tablets

  7. I haven't used that one .. will have to try it sometime. I usually use Cytomax or Accelerade.

  8. NUUN has artificial sweetener as well, unless you use their U product which has Stevia. K uses Hammer Endurolyes, S uses S-Caps and GU-Brew. The Blueberry Pomegranate flavor on the GU-brew has 2x sodium. Have a great week!

  9. Also - yes, those are our flowers. That is a Xeric garden, which works well for our desert-like climate.

  10. Happy Trails, I didn't know that about Nuun. I like the idea of Gu Brew with more sodium. I had to look up Xeric gardens. Such a pretty flower bed you have!

  11. I also like the way you try new things and report on them. :) So, do you think it would be okay to drink only NUUN and take in gels for a long run? (Considering this for me race which is Sunday.) Not sure how much potassium/sodium we are supposed to take in over time running...

  12. I think we need 30-60 carbs on a long run, but I don't know about the potassium or sodium. I was looking for more sodium because of toe cramps after running in the heat using Gu gels or Gatorade.

    As far as I know there wouldn't be anything wrong with using Nuun and gels, but not at the same time and gels with water only.

    Can't wait to read your race recap!


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