13 Hot Miles

 Wednesday's Fuel: Honey Stinger Chews
My big problem today was that at mile 10, I had to start taking running breaks because I was tired and hot - 79-84F (26-28C) today. I had planned to run 14 miles, but I cut that to 13 while I was out there. It was a tough run!

There was one other little problem. After a while I had a headache. I noticed that my earplugs were tightly tucked beneath my head visor strap, where I keep them when they aren't in my ears. I pulled them out from my visor and felt better right away. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe not.

I weighed myself before and after the run and was surprised that I lost a little more than 3% of my weight even though I drank as much as I wanted every 2 miles up to the 10 mile mark and maybe every mile afterwards. I've heard losing more than 2% isn't good.

I ate some Nutrigrain bars and then a Gu gel before I ran. During the run, I ate a Gu gel at miles 4 and 8. I'd like to try eating more gels on the run - one every 4 miles since sometimes I eat one every 5 miles and get pretty tired towards the end of my run.

Cooler weather is expected Monday. Can't wait!

When I am running well I am happy, and when I am happy I run well. - Ian Thompson, British marathoner

And when I am finished with a long, difficult run, I am happy. - Tina : )


  1. I love energy Stinger, it's like eating candy :).

    Sorry you had such a difficult run - that weather wasn't helping any at all....if you lose that much weight on a shorter long run, then it has to be very hot and sweaty. But you did it!! Glad you got that done and under your belt! You're on the home-stretch now - woohoo!!

  2. Hi Jill! Yes, they're just like candy! And no getting stuck in my teeth!

    Monday, I hope to run long. Then it's taper time!

  3. Boo to the hot weather. You made your race fuel look so pretty!

  4. I need to try the Stigers. I use Clif Shot Blocks but y'all seem to love those Stingers! Sorry for the heat - it can really take it out of you. Whew!

  5. i love those quotes at the end!! yours especially!
    well done tina! i understand the HOT runs through and through!


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