Accept the Pain

8 Miles In 80 Minutes Today

Running in high humidity is like giving an elephant a piggy-back ride through the desert. Yesterday's humid run was supposed to be easy, but I sat down often and when I was done, I was so done!

The only good thing about that run was that I chatted with a lady picking plums for jam and pies at Houston's Memorial Park, where I run. She said that there's more fruit at the park - grapes, blackberries and mulberries, too. I'll be on the look-out.

Elephants at the Houston Zoo
 Since I've had enough of the humidity, I ran on the treadmill today: 3 x 10 minutes at marathon pace (8:45/mi, today) was the plan. It was easier than running in the humidity, but it was still hard. Want to slow down the hands of time? Hop on a treadmill and run fast. Suddenly one minute seems like three!

Houston Fit Shirt Inspiration
During a drink break, I thought about the words on my shirt (Accept the Pain) for maybe a little too long. I didn't want to start the 3rd ten minute interval. What was I afraid of?! A little pain? Well, yeah! And of flying off the back of the treadmill, too.

That's when I decided to try to make the next one even longer than 10 minutes - I lasted 13. Nothing extraordinary, but at least it was 3 extra. When I finished running 8 miles, I felt like I could have run even farther - at an easy pace on a treadmill with a fan blowing full blast. This is good!


  1. Nothing wrong with the treadmill - that thing is my saving grace!!! Pretty soon the humidity will move out for you! I used to live in AL and I remember how painful that was. Come play in CO sometime, we have so little here :). Anyway, have a great weekend, girl!!! :)

  2. ugh, the humidity. I am so impressed that you are running the Denver Marathon! I ran six miles there when I was there and it seemed hard. I think I syched myself out just abit thinking it would be harder because of the elevation.

  3. sorry about the mugginess. We are finally cooling off in Vegas. Actually a tad sooner than normal.


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