Add Pockets To Shorts

Adidas Pacer Shorts
My shorts needed pockets so I cut out the pockets off an old pair of shorts (you could buy some polyester fabric instead) and handsewed them into my shorts. I sewed the pockets onto the front inner waistband. In the photo, the pockets are pulled out so you can see them.

Old bcg Brand Shorts
Here's a photo showing how I cut off one large side pocket to be sewed into my other shorts. This pocket will hold my gels. The small "key" pocket will hold my small cell phone.

Yesterday, the Adidas Pacer waistband chafed my back on my 13 mile run so I cut a strip of fabric off the old shorts to sew over the waistband. That's what started me on the pockets. I saw those pockets in the old cut-up shorts and decided to add them to my new shorts.

I wore my shorts on a 6 mile run this morning and the pockets work! The items in my pockets didn't move around and were easy to get to.

The real test will be Monday when I hope to go on a long run. Update: they work!


  1. Sweet! I've only ever sewn buttons back on to clothes that they've fallen off of.

    My long run is tomorrow, I hope it's good too!

  2. you are quite talented! i never would have thought to do this... shorts do need more pockets.

  3. I am impressed. I don't know why I don't really like to saw but a thing like pockets would not be too difficult, I think. What a cool idea! I have several shorts that need pockets.

  4. What a great idea! I can't wait to hear how they do on your long run. I wish I could sew a few zippered pockets into my shirt! I guess that would be pretty bulky.

  5. Meg, maybe you could skip the zipper and use velcro. Hmm, now you've got me thinking about shirt pockets, too!

  6. Brilliant! I have so many shorts that I love to run in but desperately need a pocket.

  7. Very impressive! I hate no pocket anything!

  8. You are good!!! Sports clothing, whether shorts, skirts, or tops NEED to have pockets! I have found that Sugoi tends to have small zippered pockets on many of their running tops. I like!

  9. What an awesome idea!! It's so frustrating trying to find running shorts with pockets.

  10. Tina! I'm so impressed! LOVE IT!!!! As a fabric designer, I can't help but think how much fun running shorts could look with better designs than just stripes or solid colors.... Hmmmm.. maybe we can partner up!!! ;O) Love your creativity!

  11. that is so awesome! my light bulb does not come on that fast. i love that idea and am going to have to ponder it more for race day outfit. i have been trying out my spi belt and mine, for the life of me, never seems to want to lay flat and stay still. drives me crazy.

  12. Doodlegirl - You've got a dream job!

    Kate - To make my spibelt stay still, I pull it pretty tight around my waist, sometimes changing it on the run.


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