Cool 20 Mile Run!

When I heard that it would be cooler today, instead of running 20 miles last Friday, I ran 20 today. How does 60-67F (15-19C) sound? 20 degrees cooler than Friday! The first half of the run I could hardly believe I hadn't hopped on a plane to a cooler climate. And when I finished, I wasn't nearly as tired as usual.

At first, I was going to drink Cytomax and eat two gels in a way similar to the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon fuel stops, but it sounded like too much trouble. For one thing, the fuel stops aren't evenly spread out. I had to make myself a cheat sheet to remember when to take a drink!

Plus, I like using gels. I get all of them in my mouth, unlike drinks, and they don't leave that sweet taste in my mouth all day, like drinks. So I stopped at a park water fountain for refueling about every 2 1/2 miles and brought gels and chews.

Pre-run: 3 Apple Cinnamon Nutri-grain cereal bars (360 calories) & water, ate until full
During the run (and stuffed into my new shorts pocket):
Mile 2.5- 2 Orange Gu Chomps energy chews (taste good, stuck to teeth, 11 g carbs)
Mile 5- Vanilla Gu (25 g carbs, shooting for at least 30 g carbs an hour) 
Mile 7.5- 2 Gu Chomps energy chews (at marathon, I may use Cytomax race drink instead of chews)
Mile 10- Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane Gu (handed out at Denver marathon, 25 g carbs)
Mile 12.5- 2 Gu Chomps energy chews
Mile 15- Vanilla Gu
Mile 16.5- 2 Gu Chomps energy chews
Post-run: chocolate milk

Weight Lost: 1.5%, better than my last long run. I've heard you don't want to lose over 2%. 

My average pace was 9:36/mile. I only ran 2 marathon pace miles, but more would have been nice. After it warmed up a bit, I had to push myself to run faster by reminding myself that I could stand a little more pain - fatigue, really. I remember running through a tough patch, feeling happy inside even though my legs were not feeling happy.

3 weeks minus one day until the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon! It's taper time!


  1. Good luck and enjoy your taper!

  2. taper time!! i can't wait to say those two little but BIG words!!
    way to go tina! sounds like a great run all around.
    did you notice any difference with the GU Roctane vs a regular GU?

  3. No, I really didn't notice a difference between how I felt after taking the regular or the Roctane Gu. Interesting.

  4. Good luck on the taper! Take it easy!

  5. wow! can I move to houston? we are above 100 degrees again this week. yes, you are correct. that is hot for this time of year for us. we should be in the upper 80's.

  6. Congrats on a successful run. You are much better at fueling than I am.

  7. Awesome run, girl!! That cooler weather really helped pump your leg ... now, if we can stop having record high temps here in Denver, then you're all set!! Surely in 3 weeks it will be lots cooler! Bring on the taper!!!!! :)

  8. Great job, Tina! You're going to do awesome!!

  9. Great job taking such good care of yourself, Tina. You are going to be SO ready to run in three weeks! Happy Tapering!

  10. Wow - mid 60's for you???!!! We were/have been hovering around 80 - perfect! You are so well disciplined about your eating and drinking - kudos to a job well done! I might need to take lessons - I ended my mt bike ride today with lots of white salt rings on my black lycra shorts. Oops. Forgot to take my Endurolytes! :-( You are going to do great!

  11. The Chomps stick to my teeth too. I think I'm sticking with gels... no sticking to teeth and no chewing. The weather is so nice here. Supposed to be cool weather all week. Finally!

    enjoy the taper. hope the race goes well for you.

  12. wow. i am so impressed and i'm so happy you wrote down when you took your chews and gels, etc. I think I figured out my problem! On Sunday, I ran a 15-1/2 mile run and only took one Clif Shot Block maybe 7 miles into my run and that was it. I had a small water bottle to drink and I had a banana for breakfast an hour and a half earlier. I hit a wall at mile 8-ish and it was tough last seven miles but didn't really feel totally wiped out until mile 11. This run was in San Francisco with quite a few steep hills. You don't know how badly I needed to read your post this morning. Half Marathon race in two weeks. Huge Wake Up call. Thanks!

  13. Only one day later, and I'm thinking of making changes to my marathon eating plan again, maybe one GU every 4 miles, just to simplify. We'll see!

    Doodlegirl, I like to see what other runners are using, too. I'm just impressed that you ran 15.5 hilly miles on 1 Shot Blok (and a banana)!

  14. Wow, you have the perfect temps for running! Enjoy the taper:)

  15. Thank you for your encouragement.


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