Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Vacation

With less than 5 weeks until the Denver Rock 'n' Roll marathon, I've made a few plans for our Denver vacation. We'll fly from Houston to Denver.

Friday is marathon expo day.

I hope I get to meet Happy Trails for dinner Saturday!

Sunday, October 17, is marathon day!

Monday through Wednesday my husband has a conference in Denver. It just so happens that the marathon fell on just the right day - when we'll be there. That's why I get to run this marathon!

We won't have a car until Wednesday after the race, but we're staying near the 16th Street Mall where I'll get plenty of post-marathon walking done - window shopping. And then I hope to have lunch with Run with Jill Tuesday!

Wednesday we're heading to Estes Park for a few days of hiking. We'll stay at Woodlands on Fall River. We'll have wifi, a refrigerator and a laundry on-site. It's near one of the Rocky Mountain National Park entrances, 1-2 miles away maybe.

I've started receiving RMNP tweets. Here's one of the latest tweets: A gorgeous day in the park!!

Added later: I updated this post with some fun plans that I hope work out.

Any recommendations for favorite places to hike or eat?


  1. Yay, Tina! It's getting so close.
    I'm running a 1/2 that day, so I'll be thinking of you and how you are running twice my distance! You're amazing!

  2. That's fun that our race is on the same day!

  3. i am sure happy trails and/or run with jill might have some suggestions for ya! have fun. curious to hear how you do with the elevation differences.

  4. I hiked in Estes Park a few years ago and felt light-headed - the trail had the name Deer in it, I think. Anyway, I try not to worry too much about the elevation, but I'm curious, too. Very much so!

  5. Tina...give me a shout, I'll be glad to hook you up with some fun things to do. 16th Street is kinda fun, but there's plenty of other fun things to do and good places to eat (My favorite of all-time Pizza Joints: Wazee Lounge and Supper Club - YUMMY!!!). Do you want to try to hook up for a bit while in town? I work during the day but could maybe get off at like 1 and meet you for a late lunch on Mon or Tues. Let me know. Rocky Mt. National Park is very cool - make sure you drive up Trail Ridge Road. You should see tons of elk as they are out that time of the year.

  6. Jill, lunch sounds great. Maybe we could even eat at that pizza place!

  7. so close! i think that's soooo neat you get to meet up with a couple blogging friends! what a treat!

  8. We LOVE Estes Park! You will HAVE to stop in at the cookie shop - yum, yum, yum! Giant cookies - mmmmm, white chocolate macadamia! We'll figure out some nice hiking routes for you to look at. It will be a gorgeous time of year to visit.
    I am not all that familiar with restaurants in Denver. Maybe Jill can help us out with Italian near 16th St????? I am soooo excited!

  9. It sounds like you have some fun plans arranged for your marathon vacation. I didn't realize your marathon is so close, WOW! Did you have to do any altitude training? Do you feel ready?
    You're going to have fun meeting Jill and Happy Trails, I've always wanted to meet them!
    Hugs and Happy Baking...have you been doing that lately?

  10. Thanks for your visit and birthday wishes at my blog! I've never been to Denver but I've heard it's beautiful! Enjoy your run/vacation...

  11. No altitude training for me. When we were in CO years ago, I felt light-headed on a hike in RMNP, but I was okay in Denver. I'll drink lots of water.

    After all of the sluggish runs in the heat, I don't know, but I hope I'll be ready to run fast. I feel like I could finish a marathon, but I don't know about setting any PR's this time.

    Anyway, I know it will be fun - meeting friends, hiking and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! Thanks, Happy Trails, that's one of my favorite cookies!

    Today's breakfast: homemade banana bread. : )

  12. I've never been so I have no recommendations, but I am sure you will have fun! Hanging out with Jill will be fun though!

  13. Hey Tina, yes Lunch on Tuesday would be good. Let's keep in touch the next few weeks. Are you planning on meeting Kathleen and Steve from Happy Trails for dinner or something on Saturday? If so, I can meet you guys and can recommend a restaurant or two in that area. I will also be at the race helping pace a friend throughout the course of if you need anything, holler :). Can't wait to meet you!!!

  14. I was just reading Meg's comment...I hope that was for Happy Trails - I was roomies in Boston with Meg...maybe she forgot already. Haha!

  15. WOW!!! You're getting all set!! I'm so proud of you for running such a long distance. You've worked hard for this. Sending you only the greatest thoughts!!!!


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