Fuel During the Marathon

The Pretty Interior of My Comfy Asics 2150's

I ran 3 miles with my dog and then I ran 6 marathon paced miles on the treadmill. After that, I ran 3 cool-down miles outside, stopping along the way to do some exercises like high knees running and skipping with high knees. I did those on a quiet trail so that I wouldn't have to skip-to-my-Lou passed anyone. ; )

I felt great before those exercises even though I'd already run 11 miles (a quick change of shorts and socks at the 9 mile mark helped), but after only 3 minutes of those exercises, I was toast and ran slowly home. Yesterday I read in the October 2010 issue of Running Times that those kinds of exercises are a good way to cool-down, in addition to easy running.

I drank Cytomax at miles 3, 5, 7 and 9 on this 12 miler.

In the past, I've tried gels and water only during marathons or alternating gels/water with Gatorade and I can't say for sure what's best for me, but I'm going with what's easiest this time.

At the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon I think I'll drink the race drink, Cytomax, and maybe add a GU gel or two which they'll hand out at miles 10 and 20. The main thing I have to remember is to get most of the Cytomax in my mouth. Easier said than done!


  1. I wear the exact same 2150! I initially got blue (my husband picked them out for me), but they didn't have the pretty design. I took them back... :) I know no one sees it, but it makes me feel pretty while running. :)

  2. Hmmm, those shoes look exactly like mine! :) You are such a pro at training with what is going to be on the course. It sounds better than my way of just packing everything I'm used to into skirt pockets and water bottle holders! Sounds like a great cool down routine. Denver, ahhhh... can't wait to read about it.

  3. I like the GUs. They seem to help a lot for me. The recovery brews are excellent too!

  4. Those look like my 2150's! Although I think mine look much more yucky dirty than yours. How are you liking the Cytomax??? I generally don't use much in the way of "drinks" (Steve does) - I tend to get a bit of GI upset or low blood sugar. Weird. My recovery drink of choice has become an iced non-fat mocha, usually half caff, half decaf.
    :-) I sure do miss my Nutella, though..........

  5. Those insoles are very pretty, they'd make me happy if I were running in them!! :)

  6. cute shoes! i loved the 2100 series. they are so comfy. do you know how much is too much calories/carbs for a race? i'm trying to figure that out now that i have to drink the powerade along with GU's.

  7. Kate, I've heard you need 30-60 grams of carbs per hour (for training or a race).

  8. With such cute shoes you are going to rock that marathon.
    I haven't done high knee skips since... high school. I can see how this can help the tendons and muscles work better.

  9. thanks tina for that tidbit. good to know!! i've been getting about 25g. oops. with the powerade it will be near 40 now.

  10. I ran 15-1/2 miles today and started feeling my calves thicken and bring me pain. My runner buddy said I was probably dehydrated and she is probably right. I don't drink nearly enough. I'm impressed by your Cytomax at miles 3, 5, 7 and 9 on the 12 miler. Not even sure what that means, but believe me... I'm gonna figure it all out in the next day or two. My game is on!


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