A Hot, Humid 9 Mile Run

  • 77-83F (25-28C) degrees w/ 79-98% humidity
  • # of miles I wanted to run hard/fast: 4 
  • # of miles I ran hard/fast: 2-3
  • # of times I stopped running to walk, sit or stretch: I lost count!
  • # of brown cicada carcasses I noticed on a brown tree trunk after I took my hands off (stretching): Stopped counting at 12!
  • # of times I felt sick to my stomach: 3, after hard miles and hills. Seeing all of those carcasses didn't help, either!
  • # of times I told myself I'd run the entire 1.25 miles home: 1
  • # of times I stopped on the way home after that: 3
  • # of short hills I ran up without stopping: 4 out of 4 attempted!
  • # of miles I ran today: 9!


  1. I'm so glad we don't have Cicadas here - they're so icky! Crossing my fingers for cooler temps and less humidity for you soon...it's gotta happen sooner or later, right???

  2. I'm just glad I didn't put my hand on one of those cicada shells and hear, "Crunch"!

  3. One of those kinds of runs! I get it! The heat has turned up here again and the humidity has too, but I'm sure it's thicker there. :( I know fall is around the corner, but it sure seems like it's taking a lot longer to get here. Hang in there!
    And yes, I remember those cicada shells in Houston - eeek!!!

  4. PS - i love your countdown tickers on the side bar! i copied you! :)

  5. Those countdowns are so handy for keeping track of everyone's next race!

  6. Sounds like a tough run, but you did it!! Good job!

  7. yucky humidity! hope it gets cooler for you soon!

  8. I thought your post was quite funny but I am sure it didn't strike you quite the same way.

  9. That was a tough run, congratulation you did it!!! Keep up the good work!!!


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