Let's Go to the Zoo!

I ran 5.8 miles with Zoe today. I carried cold water in my fuel belt so that we wouldn't have to stop at the luke warm water fountains today. Cold water is the best! Just as I was heading over a bridge, my husband drove underneath it while on his way to work and I waved - made me happy!

While waiting for a light to change, a park maintenance person told me that you really don't need to hit the button at the crosswalk. What?! He said that it's all psychological, that the button is there just to make us happy because we think we're doing something to change the light. I did a very, very short google search on this and it looks like some work and some may not. Hmm, not too helpful! ; ) As for me, I'll be pressing that crosswalk button. I just hope that man doesn't see me press the button - he'll be laughing at me, for sure! ; )

Monday afternoon my husband and I wanted to do something different so off to the Houston Zoo we went. We hadn't been there for years. By the time we got there, it was raining, but after some "let's live a little" encouragement from my husband, I grabbed my umbrella and braved the rain. I like running in the rain, but walking through the zoo seemed a little crazy. Turns out, I dry out fine and even though I was afraid we wouldn't see many animals, we left with 75 pictures! The meerkats and the napping chinchilla were my favorites.

While there, we visited the elephants when the trainer was giving a demonstration. I was surprised at how much time the elephant trainer and then later, the flamingo caretaker chatted with us - really friendly people!


  1. The zoo is always a fun get-away. I was there last year with my kids and we hadn't been in years (a staple when they're young, not so much when they're old) and it started pouring on us. We had no choice but to live a little, too :). Glad you had a great time!!!

  2. Jill, I've been making my Denver travel plans. I hope we get a chance to run together when I'm there in mid-October for the marathon. : )

  3. I enjoy running in the rain too but not really being out and about in it otherwise. Glad you and your hubby enjoyed the zoo together!

  4. Sounds like fun at the zoo. I like things like that and friendly chatty workers!

  5. I always look for the button to press at crossings and am disappointed when there is none. Am I having some control issues?
    Haven't been to a zoo in ages. Maybe it's time to visit one again.

  6. I know some crosswalks by me do NOT change for pedestrians unless you push the button. Maybe that guy just usually sees the ones that change automatically? There are def some that change with the light but also some that don't. Glad you had fun at the zoo regardless of a little rain!


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