My Running Habit

"Let's Run!"
Zoe and I ran four miles today, running to the bridge at Memorial Park and then back home. Here she is before our run, anxiously waiting for me when she'd rather be running. Too bad I always have to take 5 pictures of everything in case 4 of the photos don't turn out! ; ) Eventually, we were off!

Yesterday I ran 7 miles with four 5 minute intervals at 10K pace. If I use the McMillan Running Calculator, 3 out of 4 of my times were under the 10K pace (8:13/mi) which corresponds with a 4 hour marathon. My 5 minute splits: 8:03, 8:03, 8:08, and 8:17.

Many days I run, but don't post. In case you'd like to see my exercise schedule, it's at the foot of my blog. When I was a new runner, I needed lots of encouragement to keep running - it's especially hard when you're just starting out.

There used to be a blog I'd check before I ran, on those days when I needed extra motivation, where the runner blogged about her runs almost daily. Knowing that someone else tackled a few miles made it seem like maybe I could, too.

Now, I usually just get up and run in the same way I brush my teeth. It's a habit. How about you? Do you struggle whenever it's time to put your running shoes on? Or do you just get out there and do it without thinking too much about it?


  1. I don't struggle. I want to get my workout in and then go on with my day!

  2. Lisa, some days, that motivates me, too, knowing that the sooner I get going, the sooner I can get to my other activities.

  3. Zoe looks like such a sweetie!
    I rarely need motivation to run - I'm usually looking forward to it! Sometimes when it's hot or I'm tired, I'll dilly-dally around the house, but I still get out there. Like you said, it's sort of like brushing my teeth, a normal part of my day.
    Awesome job on your intervals - go BQ!!

  4. I am working on making mine more of a habit and less of one of those things I can talk myself out of... Zoe is a cutie!

  5. I just go out there and do it. Not right now although I approach whatever I am doing for exercise the same way. No excuses.

  6. it all depends... some days i struggle, others i can't wait to get out there! i wish i had the heart of a dog when it came to running - they are always raring to go :)

  7. That's the truth! Zoe is always ready for a run!


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