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9/11 - America Remembers
Today I enjoyed running in the mass of runners at Memorial Park, something I miss when I run on the  treadmill. I finished my 7 miles feeling strong, probably because I drank more than water. I drank citrus Cytomax, the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon drink, which tasted good, maybe less sweet than Gatorade. I received my 1.5 lb. can of Cytomax yesterday - only three days after ordering it from All Star Health for $16.54 total - a good deal since the retail price is $22. I drank 7 oz. every 1.5 miles, which worked well for me on this hot, humid day.

Here's some fun news! Over at RunnerDude's blog, I asked Matt Fitzgerald a question, which was chosen, and I won Matt's new book, RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel. I'll end this post with my question and Matt's answer, which reminds me to be creative in my workouts and to personalize them just for me. Good advice!

My Question: I use the book Run Faster to come up with workouts and I'm glad you've written a new book. I read a short portion of it and you wrote that if you have a problem fading at mile 20 of the marathon, you might want to run back-to-back 20 milers, or a long run with 14-16 miles at marathon goal pace or a 27-30 mile run before your goal marathon. Do these suggestions apply to middle-of-the-packers like me or just the speedier set? Those look like tough training runs!

Matt's Answer: The point I wanted to make in the section you read is not that marathon runners with a bonking problem should try those specific workouts. Rather, the point was that all runners should feel free to get creative and trust their intuitions to come up with possible solutions to the barriers they face. So, if your intuition tells you those example workouts would be too hard for you, they probably are! So, what does your intuition suggest as an appropriate alternative?


  1. I too think the answer is great. I went against conventional wisdom last fall, & ran a 26.2 mile training run. 1. - I, typically, am not injury prone, 2. - I thought the extra long training run would help me mentally. I believe many times our training should be based on workouts that make us feel mentally strong. I will be running another 26.2 mile training run prior to Rocket City. Would I recommend it for the majority, no, but for me, I think it helps. Will do test number 2 this fall.

  2. Can't really comment to the marathon training part, but we generally run as long or longer than any races we have done in training - then you don't have to wonder what is beyond mile xx or be nervous once you pass that point in a race. Just curious - how long will you get to be in Colorado for your race?

  3. Happy Trails - We're going to be in Denver a couple of days early (at the expo Friday) and then off to Estes Park post-marathon. Will you be up that way? Sure would be fun to meet!

  4. Tina, we would love to meet up with you guys while you are in the area! Not sure what your pre-race regimen is but we could always meet you for an early dinner on the Sat before the race???
    I think I have to work that morning/early afternoon. We should be able to figure something out. Also, not sure if you have made your arrangements for Estes Park (you probably have) but thought I'd mention a place we like to stay up there -
    It is an older lodge near the northern entrance to RMNP. We enjoy it and they run a "Buy 2 get one free" special at this time of year. We stay in one of their Jacuzzi Suites. Just thought I would mention it. Anyway, I think we will have to figure out a way to get together!

  5. Dinner would be fun!

    Thanks for the link! I like the quilts and log furniture there, but we did already make reservations.


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