10 Best Running Tips

Run: the Mind-body Method of Running by Feel
  1. Focus on the good, like your great pace and how this is where you want to be, when running is hard.
  2. The capacity to tolerate suffering is trainable. (I think about this often during speedwork.)
  3. After each key workout and race, ask yourself whether you held back at any point to spare yourself from suffering. If you did, vow to do better next time.
  4. Consciously try to beat your recent times throughout the training process, and include plenty of repetition within your key workout progression to facilitate this self-competive approach to training. (I don't repeat workouts often enough.)
  5. Stride rate increases naturally and unconsciously as fitness increases.
  6. Run on a soft surface. (One reason I like running at Memorial Park.)
  7. Run quietly for lower impact running.
  8. Run in the lowest and lightest heel that you find comfortable.
  9. Injured? Time is the best healer, but try anything and everything, maybe even a short run. It worked for Matt.
  10. With some injuries, you might try walking on the treadmill at 12-15% incline at 4mph to maintain fitness.
Those were my favorite tips from Matt Fitzgerald's new book Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running By Feel. You can read about how I won the book here.

I think my marathon taper is going well. I ran 7.5 miles today with 2 x 15 minutes at marathon pace. My mp3 player didn't work right so I may run without it during the marathon. I ran without it during my PR marathon so maybe I run faster without it anyway! Only 9 days until the Denver Marathon!

Thanks to all of you who left a comment on my last post! : ) The cake is gone - I ate the last piece!


  1. Great tips!
    9 days! WOW! You'll do awesome, Tina! I'll think of you while I'm running my 1/2 that same morning.

  2. How exciting! I'll be thinking of you, too!

  3. A running injury has kept me from doing much cardio. I can swim and that's about it. But I started doing weight lifting in the 6 weeks off. I love it! Doing a new thing to pass the time is a great way to wake up my body from a rut.

  4. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Good Luck on that Marathon

  5. Lisa - I'm sorry about your injury. Lifting weights got me through a non-running time, too.

    roseassophie - Hi! Happy to see a new reader here at the blog!

  6. single digits!!! yay! loved that list. i am going to copy it and focus on it when i am done with the marathon. i'd like to work on my speed for sure.

  7. Great advice Tina. Thanks so much for sharing. Personally I like number two a lot. I am sending this posting or list to my wife. She can really use this in her running right now. BTW I like the new layout. nice look! good luck in denver!

  8. Those are good running tips. Good luck on your marathon in Denver! I'm running my half this Sunday!

  9. Go Shawn! I can't wait to read your race recap!

  10. It sounds like the tapering is going well, thanks for the tips. I love Matt's books and articles on Competitor.com. I have learned so much from him!

  11. Almost time to shine!! I really noticed the leaves turning today - they're going to be perfect next weekend!! :)

  12. love these tips!! good luck next weekend! thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following yours!

  13. Julie - looking forward to your Portland marathon race recap!

  14. love those tips - i especially like #s 3 and 4. last week! enjoy the taper :)

  15. Good luck in Denver Tina! You've certainly put in the training. I'll be looking for your results ... shortly after I run the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine that same day!

  16. You must be getting quite excited!

  17. Those are great tips- thanks for sharing! Enjoy the last of your taper and good luck at your race!

  18. Great post!! I'll have to remember many of them in the future.

    Thanks for the GL.

  19. Anonymous1/13/2011

    We're glad you found RUN so helpful! Thanks for the post. Dave T., VeloPress


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