3 Tips to Push Past Running Pain

I just crossed the finish line!

In the last 10K of the Denver Marathon, I wanted to quit but I wanted to finish even more! Here are three tips that might help me in the next race from How to Push Past the Pain, as the Champions Do

  • Know the course so you'll know how to pace yourself. (I wish I'd seen at least the last mile before the race.)
  • Resist the feeling that you are too tired and have to slow down. (I reminded myself of my successful long training runs. And then I told myself that as soon as I finished I could lay on the grass in the finish area. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to get back up?! Instead I walked around the finish area and back to the hotel - a smarter choice!) 
  • Concentrate on increasing the intensity of your effort rather than trying to get your mind off of it. (I asked myself "How much do I want 4:00?" and I pushed harder.)

Yesterday in Denver, I walked to the book store for a little reading and then walked over to a frozen yogurt shop where I met Jill for some running talk - fun! She said that the altitude must have slowed me down Sunday. I hope so! ; ) For dinner, I finally had some post-marathon pizza! Finally!

And today my husband and I head to Rocky Mountain National Park! I've been able to walk up and down stairs every day since Sunday so I think and hope my legs are ready for some hiking.


  1. This is a great article and it only confirms that a lot of what we can or cannot do is in our heads. So having said that your legs are as ready for the hike as your mind things they are.
    Have a great hike.

  2. Great race Tina! Great finishing time, especially on the hills of CO. Hills and dry air/altitude definitely add a new dimension that is difficult to prepare for in Houston, but you did! Congrats!

    Hope you are recovering nicely and enjoying exploring CO. Have Fun Tina!

  3. good tips! I make little "deals" with myself all the time - make it to this pole then slow it down for a few seconds - that kind of thing. It really can be a huge mental game in a race. Congrats on your Denver race!!

  4. I think we should also listen to our bodies for BAD pain that we shouldn't push through.

  5. thanks tina. always appreciate the advice. glad you have had such a fun trip and run in denver. love rocky mt national! enjoy!

  6. i'm taking this all in. thanks for the tips. it's really all mental after 15 miles for me. so glad you are feeling great, can do stairs, and can enjoy the beauty of colorado!!! have fun :)

  7. does pizza ever taste better than after a marathon? i think not!

    great advice.

  8. Impressive to be hiking! Have fun@

  9. I was just thinking about pain today...and how to push through it. Great timing!

  10. So nice to meet you, Tina. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon - perhaps we can meet somewhere fun for a marathon, whenever my heel is happy! Enjoy Estes and Rocky Mt NP, such a beautiful place!


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