Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Expo & Capitol

So what did I see and do at the expo? I picked up my Denver Rock 'n Roll marathon shirt - I like the tree on it. I saw some new clothing, 110%, that has pockets to hold ice packs and is tight to compress you, also. I was able to sample many flavors I've never tried before from Nuun, Larabar and Clif Shot Bloks, but the best food I ate was a brownie that's sold locally!

I guess I was all pictured out by the time we got to the expo because I didn't take any pictures. On the way there, my husband and I visited the state capitol where I took lots of pictures.

We climbed tons of stairs, but not these stairs that go up to the very top of the capitol dome, not open to the public.

Here's a view of the marathon start location at Civic Center Park from a window in the state capitol. It's so nice to see mountains in the background!

Two days until the Denver Rock 'n Roll marathon!


  1. I used to work right next to that dome and used to walk up the stairs on my lunch hour - excellent workout. 911 ruined that.

    Nice race shirt :).

  2. Those 110% clothing pieces are really interesting! Did you try them on?
    Good luck!

  3. I didn't get a chance to try the clothes on, but they had people working the booth wearing the clothes so you could see what they looked like.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the happy, go fast wishes! : )

  4. Hope you are acclimating well - nice pix of the capitol, too. Twenty years living here, and that is a place we have never been...

  5. yay!! have fun this weekend! Good luck tomorrow! :)

  6. so neat! i love those flowers along the fence - creative idea whoever thought of it! on my list of want to learn - crochet!


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