Denver Rock 'n Roll Marathon Recap

Feeling calm, walking to the start (white sweatshirt). 

Today I ran my 8th marathon - the Denver Rock 'n Roll Marathon! I left the hotel at 6:20 and walked straight to my corral in time for the 6:55 start.

I used the down hill start as a warm-up, but maybe I should have let myself speed up when I had the down hill help because I needed extra time to get up the hills, like the one in the next picture around mile 4 and the bridge at mile 23 that we ran over twice without any break in between!

There were many turns and I tried to run close to the corners. I did better at that than usual except for the time I ran all of the way to the left side of the street only to find that we were making a right turn at the corner. At least I only did that once!

I'm in the center of the photo, dark pink top and black shorts.

I ate a GU gel every 5 miles and drank maybe 4 oz. Cytomax between gels. There was ice in some of the Cytomax cups - nice touch! I drank the Cytomax and let the ice melt in my mouth. Around mile 20, my stomach felt bad and my hands were puffy - sometimes that happens on my long runs. Maybe this water/electrolyte balance table will help me figure out how to avoid that.

I was especially thirsty today and what a small problem that was since there were plenty of water stops. : ) I've been reading how important it is to go by thirst and not to focus too much on the number of ounces you're drinking. I think I did that today, stopping at most of the tables for a drink.


I didn't see the 4 hour pace leader at the start, but I finally found him around mile 20 when he caught up to me. I ran with the group for a short while, but when I stopped for a drink, I lost them and never caught up. I walked though most of the water stops and unfortunately, 3-4 more times.

 It was fun running a new marathon course. The course ran through a nice part of town, shady parks with lakes, nice neighborhoods and then ran through an older, less scenic part of town towards the end.

In the second mile, I threw off my sweatshirt. The weather was perfect - sunny, clear skies and 40-65 degrees.

I liked the fact that most of the hills went up and then down so that you're rewarded after you top the hill - the opposite of our underpass "hills" on the Houston Marathon route (I've run that one 5 times) where you run down and then have to run up hill. Most of the hills weren't very steep or long.

I talked with a Houston friend who ran the half today and we both thought that the Houston marathon has more course music than they did at this Rock 'n Roll race! It's not a big deal, but I thought the RnR races would have more music.

Pumping My Arms for the Finish

A couple of not-so-good things I saw... Some intersections were open to traffic where police officers directed the drivers and not once, but twice, I saw a policeman come inches away from getting hit by a car when he yelled and put up his hand to stop an oncoming car from driving through an intersection in front of me! Also, I saw many runners cut corners and run over the sidewalk!

But there was plenty of good, like the cheering spectators who knew just the right words to say late in the race, like "Pump your arms, your legs will follow" and "You made it this far, you'll make it across the finish line".

I'm disappointed that I slowed later in the race but I'm fine about it (it's just a race!) and I was smiling while crossing the finish line. : )

Look at how surprised Ronald McDonald was to hear that I finished in 4:11:35!

Or maybe he was just stretching. ; )

Splits: Times/Pace (which takes into account all of the preceding miles)
5K - 28:50/9:17/mile
10K - 57:05/9:12
11 Miles - 1:40:57/9:06
13.1 Miles - 2:00:40/9:13
19.7 Miles - 3:05:22/9:25
26.2 Miles - 4:11:35/9:36 overall average

Age Group (45-49): 28 / 124
Women: 342 / 1357
Overall: 1101 / 2894

Update: Looks like the 2010 Denver Marathon was actually a little long.

11/9/10 Update on the update: Our times have been adjusted for the officially long course. My adjusted time is 4:10:38!


  1. Yay Tina! Great job! Hope you had a blast! Did you find some chocolate milk at the finish??? :-)
    Congratulations on a super finish in your age group!

  2. Thank you, Nikki and Happy Trails!

    They had Cytomax recovery drink at the finish which was a nice touch - it tasted good! So I didn't need to find some chocolate milk after all. : )

  3. Congrats Tina! I am so proud for you!!! Glad that it was a good day and that you finished with a smile on your face!!! Great job!

  4. Thanks Sherry! I know you'll finish your 1st marathon with a smile on your face, too!

  5. Congratulations, yay!!!! I heard from a few low-landers how thirsty they were and I think that was just the altitude speaking to you. I also know that this course is a little hillier than the profile indicates, I've run various portions of this many times and that profile is a tad decieving. Great job, you did incredible. Looked for you throughout the day but I think I was ahead of you and at the end, the masses were pretty large. Kinda cool to end right in front of the capital, huh?

  6. 28th? 4:11? Wow - way to go! Congratulations on another great marathon!!

  7. Thanks Abbi, Jill and That Pink Girl!

    One of the best parts of the race was that it started and finished at the same location - and it was a great location! That large grassy finish area was nice, too!

  8. Excellent job! I am also impressed with how fast you got this race report up! You look so great at the finish!

  9. Great Job and great recap! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  10. tina, that is AWESOME!!! incredible finish time and even better with a smile on your face! so glad the weather was nice and you had a great race! so excited for you!! you look so cute in your pics! and i laughed at the ronald pic - too fun!!

  11. Congratulations on another great finish, Tina!

  12. WOW!! Awesome job, congratulations on finishing fast and keeping that smile on your face!! :-)

  13. Boy some drivers sure are clueless! Glad neither you or the policeman were hit. Congrats on a great race!

  14. Great effort condsidering the traffic issues, hills and elevation. That is pretty crazy logistics allowing car traffic through a marathon race course. glad you are safe. between the hills and the elevation - I think I write this course off my upcoming to do list though. Great times! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for all of the race cheers!

    Slomohusky - I added some hill info after reading your comment.

    I think the altitude only made me thirstier and that wasn't that bad. There were plenty of water stops. In fact, every time I realized that I was thirsty, it was about time for a water stop. : )

  16. Great job, Tina!!!

  17. Congratulations! Your posts always seem so cheery and positive!

  18. Thanks, Meg and Trevor!

    Trevor, I want to run a marathon the way you did last weekend!

  19. WOW! That's great! And you even stopped and walked through all the water breaks! You're amazing! Really!

  20. Congrats Tina! What perfect weather for your race and I can't believe you started at 6:55 AM!!! That seems so early to me! You ran a great race, nice finishing time and good description of the course! Also surprised that some of the drivers were so pushy! Good thing there were police officers there. I love the way certain spectator moments stand out in what they say that can pull you through, great memories! Happy recovery!

  21. Great job on the marathon!!!

  22. Thanks for the recap- I'm running Denver this year & hope they get the course right! I'm glad it wasn't too hilly or too suunny


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