I'm in Denver! Here's the view out our downtown Denver Courtyard Marriott window - the D & F Tower - especially pretty when it's lit up. They put a refrigerator and a microwave in our room for free when I asked if there was a fridge in our room!

Our hotel is on the 16th Street Mall, which is closed to traffic, except for the free shuttle bus that we might use since we're carless until next week.

Just a short walk down 16th, we stopped to eat and my husband and I split a huge portion of mashed potatoes, chicken, cole slaw and pound cake with strawberries. I'm trying to eat more carbs, but not overeat. And I'm drinking lots and lots of water.

I have a very, very minor sore throat and a dried out nose from the dry air, but no problems with the high altitude yet. : )

Today we head to the expo!


  1. Hi Tina,
    Glad you made it safe and sound in CO! Looks like beautiful weather for you for race day - yay! Some of us are getting together after the expo tomorrow at 12:30 at Rock Bottom, if interested. I think I am then going to the seminar at 2:30 on altitude training, if you are interested. I won't be able to make the dinner tomorrow night but I know you will have a great time with Happy Trails and you'll get to meet two wonderful people. Have a blast on your visit...and I hope you brought warm clothes, suppose to snow on Monday :/. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the get togethers! Don't know what our schedule is yet, though. Snow would be fun to see, but not until Monday!

  3. Good Luck Tina and have a blast! Tell Happy Trails to keep the snakes and bears at home. Give them a hug for me. Then tell them to give you a hug for me!

  4. I love Denver and I'm so excited for you to get to run the marathon! Maybe someday I'll get to live in my dream city and run it too! Have an awesome race and I'll be thinking of you and sending speedy vibes your way! Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. Have a FUN race, Tina. You've been training hard, you're ready and I can't wait to hear the report! Charge!

  6. Go, Tina!!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Have fun.

  7. Have fun and run well!

  8. good luck!! have fun!


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