Estes Park Visitor

My husband and I drove from Denver to Estes Park today. We had only been in our room 5 minutes before the excitement began...

We rushed to find the camera and take a picture of this huge elk outside our door on the other side of the creek. Apparently there's some pretty good eating over there because he hung around at least until it was dark...

And when it was dark, I needed to walk to the hotel laundry room. I took my wimpy plastic whistle to blow in case of emergency. ; ) Thankfully, no more elk sightings, but our clothes are nice and clean!

Warming Up By the Fire, Room #4


  1. wow! how fun is that?! enjoy your couples getaway in the rockies.

  2. Have fun in Estes Park - you look all cozy by the fire. Enjoy all the elk and DON'T forget the cookie store!!!

  3. what a great shot of the elk! something dead to graze on maybe?! that's cool it hung around awhile. it may be some time before you see one again that close!

    your fire pic looks so cozy! would love to light one here but it's still too warm! enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. An ELK!!!! That is awesome! And great cozy fire too. :)


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