Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park in Colorado

Thursday's first stop: Alluvial Fan Trail, where my husband gave me a short geology lesson. 

When I was young, I memorized the names of rocks for fun. Wish I could remember more than granite!

 At Sprague Lake, we stopped for a picnic lunch.

From our car, we saw coyote enjoying the perfect weather in the 60's.

Bear Lake at 9475' elevation gave me a slight headache. We took it easy, stopping to enjoy the views.

And there was snow!

Later we drove into Estes Park where I saw more elk than I could count wandering the streets, in yards and in city parks nibbling on grass.

By the time we arrived, the cookie shop was closed for the evening.

But at least we got to see one more wild animal!


  1. The cookie shop was closed??? :(
    Always nice to have a geologist hubby to give you some quick lessons!! Looks like a great week so far! Oh, and those elk are truly amazing, they come out of the woods this time of year and dinner time to graze. So cool!!

  2. Wow what a great photo of the coyotes!

  3. Keep up the fun! Every fun trip should be equally educational and mind exanding! Plus, we always need COOKIES (with my best Cookie Monster voice)!

  4. I agree with Slomo - we need COOKIES!!! :-) Glad you found them - hopefully you will get to sample one! The wildlife photos are wonderful - neat pic of the coyotes. We, too, had a raccoon sighting last night - one was standing at our backyard sliding glass door peering inside in between his "hands" - too funny! Looks like you are having a blast!

  5. Too bad about the cookies. Like the photo journey

  6. They closed the cookie store and left the cookies in the window display? That is cruel and is just asking for somebody to break in.
    What a cool trip. Except for the cookie thing that is.


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